20F looking for tips

Tips needed to get better and learn new techniques :rofl:


My best tip that I learned by myself:
Try to straighten or slightly hyperextend your back
Should help to get it out


there’s a way to take in air the really good burpers use where they open the valve to their esophagus and breathe directly into their stomach, makes it easy to do huge burps at will. I don’t know how to do it but from what I know second hand the technique is as follows:
all while holding your breath and keeping your mouth open, arch/raise your shoulders and dip your head, flex your diaphragm in your upper abdomen and put backwards pressure on your throat while still not letting any air go into your lungs. you should feel kind of like you’re choking(you wont actually choke though lol), or some kind of block in the back of your throat, but if you push through it the valve to your stomach will open and you’ll feel a bit of air rush in which with practice you can open for longer. a simpler way to put it is try to breathe while holding your breath. like a lot of people you may be able to do tiny little urps on command, you’re doing the above just not keeping the stomach valve open long enough.

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If you’re trying to learn the inhale technique I think this Emma Graves tutorial is really complete and it was really helpful for me

Belching Tutorial Part II - YouTube 226

However I’m not really good myself at the inhale technique so I can’t give you many personal suggestions.

For what concerns the gulping technique which is the one I use the most I think the most important thing is to learn the correct movement to push the air down your throat. The best way I would describe it is to try to swallow as you breath in so that part of the air goes down your stomach.
Once you feel that the air is in you just have to let it sit or swallow more air until you feel it pushing your chest, then you contract your abdominals and you push the burp out.

The most important thing I found out while learning to burp myself is that practice is key and it is perectly normal to fail the first attempts.

I tried to describe everything as well as I could but if you still have questions you can reply to the thread or PM me.

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