27M looking to chat/belch for others :) M/F

Was away for a bit and now I’m back! Would like to connect with people who want to talk about our gas. Have you been letting out good loud belches, long satisfying farts? I’d love to hear about it. and I’m happy to send audio/video of my gas too. :yum:

https://youtu.be/T4X26HzN4YU?si=7qHAQzx8m9-BzHw1 Here’s a sample of my burping. I really like to belchhhh.

Just a bit about me, I’m 27M, I can burp on command but I also belch out loud whenever I’m eating/drinking to help with my digestion. I love eating, chugging, and patting my belly. I also get very bloated and let out enormous farts every morning haha. I burp at home constantly, and when I’m out at the bar/parties. I live in North America and I like going to the beach :kiss:

Please send me a dm if you’d like to chat I have a lot of burps/farts to share and am happy to send audio/video . Sorry if I haven’t responded been out of the loop lately. :slight_smile: M and F welcome. let’s be pigggsss I’ll burp real loud for you :innocent:


DM’d you🙃