33 burp videos for 40$

All the videos range in length but are all 1-7 minutes long. Some are topless, some are full nude, some even include a vibrator! You get almost two hours worth of content with this deal! Dm me for more info :blush:


For those of you who may not pay models, this is a perfect way to:

  1. Get an insane amount of content for almost nothing
  2. Put some good vibes out into the universe for doing the right thing for models like @MissesCurtisxx who work so hard to do this stuff
  3. Transact with one of the kindest models in our community… and it’s Friday! So I know some of y’all just got paid!

I can guarantee you will not get a better deal anywhere for the burping ability @MissesCurtisxx has. She is the most underrated burper here. And she’s cool.

Also, she had no idea I’m typing this. I just appreciate her business with me and feel the need to give her a shoutout!


You really are the greatest and I appreciate every bit of support you show :heart:

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This offer is still available :blush:

Just bought the bundle and I have to say, amazing value. Trust me when I say you won’t regret buying, it has content for days. And if you’re wondering the content has excellent variety ranging from masturbation burps, so burps with her female friend.

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Thank you so much!