Burpingangel96/Burping Aquarius Rant

Ok you guys, I am ready for people to disagree with me but I am simply posting this to help others not lose money. Here is my rant.

So a few weeks ago, someone posted here that @burpingnangel96 (on Instagram) posted an apology video to her OF for being gone for a while. Then, a few days ago, I noticed her IG post saying “I’m back” and leaving her OF info. So she left AGAIN in such a short timeframe? So I messaged her, completely NOT expecting her to write back… and she wrote back lol.

I basically respectfully asked why she was constantly leaving when she has people paying $20/month for just access to her OF page. She told me that burping is not all she does and she needs time for mental health (insert eye roll).

I tried to explain to her that she’s in business and she is taking people’s hard earned money in exchange for content and communication. She basically told me she’s not “taking” anyone’s money (which is untrue) and that people can do a chargeback if they aren’t happy. Fantastic customer service, right?

Y’all I’ve been in this community for a while. I come and go. I was here in the yahoo chat days and honestly I remember when YouTube had 10 burping videos. I am sick of women setting up OF pages and taking people’s money only to go missing for weeks and months at a time. It is unfair. If you “go into business” meaning she is receiving a tax form from onlyfans for being in business for herself, then she should be treating it like a business. I don’t care how hot she is. It bothers me that people think they can just bail for weeks at a time.

Imagine you paid a monthly gym membership and it closed randomly for weeks. Or Netflix just stopped working for weeks. It’s ridiculous.

If you want to “take time off” then you should have a free onlyfans and sell customs when you’re good and fn ready. But don’t charge a monthly fee just to access a site where the model is taking constant time off because her mental health is shaky. Unbelievable with some of these people.


Nobody should attack you for this. The first time around she said OF wouldn’t let her post, and she never used her insta or tiktok to post anything to update us on what’s going on. This time it was for mental health. It would be slightly more understandable if she was working full time and trying to balance customs and wall content however she literally quit her job….to do this full time, and in the first month had to throw in the towel.

This job can be draining absolutely, but what it seemed like when I talked to her a while back was, she focused too much on doing customs and just got overwhelmed and screwed herself. I don’t think anyone should sub for a few weeks or months until there’s documented consistency, which she hardly ever shows. Waste of money