Custom Burp Videos

Remember that I make personalized videos, you can talk to me in the chat and consult me! in my posts you can see my samples!! or just ask me!


I’ve commissioned several customs from Muna and she is great - easy to talk to, very friendly and sympathetic, and very professional. She’s catered to long and complex scripts, and has one of the quickest turnaround rates you could get. Also, her belches are amazing - she will burp constantly and then be surprised by some true monsters that rattle the walls. She also gets the fetish and will take the time to understand what does it for you. All around, she’s simply amazing! Can truly recommend.


Yes, you are great!


What are your rates?

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Just received a custom from Muna, and after watching it I thought “Fuck, I need to ask for another one!”
Asked for a long video, with roleplay, and she even asked stuff about the video before filming to get it right, which she truly did.
Burps wise, she dropped kept dropping bombs, some were loud enough to even surprise her sister

Not only that, but as the review from Fastback said too, she really is a professional. Price was decided before, no surprises there, and she really is communicative. To make it a tl,dr, it was probably one of the better buying experiences I had in years.

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Gracias por confiar en mi y por tu compra :heart:

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