Greetings from Latin America!

Good day! It’s nice to be here.
(How many times does someone new create a post to present him/herself? I bet not many).

I’m Latin Lady, near to my 40s, and like you all, I have a burping fetish.
(Before I continue with my presentation, I have to say that English isn’t my mother language, so I apologize in advance for the mistakes).

I think I have this fetish since I reached puberty. But I didn’t know about fetishes at all, so I didn’t relate my, eh… my “pleasure” for burps, to anything like that.
Of course, this isn’t something you talk about with regular people. So i hid it. And till now, it’s my guilty pleasure, my top secret. I’ve been married over 10 years and my husband doesn’t know about it (and will never know).
In fact, I would say this is the first time I openly talk about it.

Well, the thing is, over the years I have discovered the different edges of my burping fetish, and I’ll share them with you now:

  • I love and get very horny over casual, normal burps. The ones you hear after eating, or drinking soda. Don’t like massive burps.
  • Though I’ve never been attracted to women and consider myself straight, if I find that the person burping is attractive to my eyes, I don’t mind if it’s a woman or a man, I just enjoy it.
  • I don’t like vomit, or regurgitation.
  • Farts don’t turn me on. In fact, they make me laugh (lol).
  • Sometimes I can find some interesting material on YouTube. But right now, I would say all of those videos are deleted.
  • I also love hiccups with burps. “Burp-ups” (lol).

So, I’d say that’s all. I’m glad to know more people like me, share experiences, and talk. It’s nice to talk. It’s new. It’s refreshing.

If you read all of this confession, thank you! I’m available to chat anytime.


Hi LatinLady, first off let me say welcome to the bfforums. Glad to have you here in the community!
I am 32 years old and live in the United States in the NYC area. I myself have this fetish myself when I was younger I discovered it around puberty too like you, also, I can burp on command myself…can you?
Farts turn me on and make me laugh too (lol)
I myself too am straight and prefer female burps but depending on the burp sound I don’t mind who did it!
I get a rush out of burps and farts too!
No of course not, I would only discuss this with someone like you who understands the topic at hand. No one else would understand the fetish.
Again, I’m Glad I discovered someone else I can discuss the topic with and thank you for your time and look forward talking with you. Have a great day!

Hi Latín Lady,

These forums seem a little slow so I thought I would start posting more.

What are your favorite types of burps?
Do you have a favorite video?

I don’t like vomit either.

I think this is the only place we can come to talk about this.

Saludos desde Colombia, espero encuentres aquí un espacio agradable y seguro para poder hablar del fetiche.