Have you ever ran into someone with the fetish IRL?

I don’t mean it has to be someone that you are attracted to - just anyone at all with the fetish IRL you ran into when you weren’t intentionally trying to find someone with the fetish.

So it doesn’t count if you were going on dating sites or apps looking for someone specifically who shared your fetish near you. I’m talking like friends you grew up with or people you met at work or a party or some crazy chance encounter with a fetish model or someone from the community - anything like that.

I never have, though the closest is when I recently (as of a year or two I think) happened to learn that somebody within the fetish community lives near me. It was weird in a funny way chatting up about places we have been to. I wonder if we crossed paths before without realizing it, so it makes me wonder like the probability of just being around people with the same fetish.


I’m pretty sure one of my brother’s has it. When i was in high school I would always use my iPod to watch videos of whatever fetish or non fetish related, but always cleared the history. Was very secretive with it. One day my brother was using it (he always used to take my stuff which was really annoying) and thought nothing on it. But when I went to YouTube to listen to music I saw he was watching two girl burping videos. I’m into men and never once watched those videos. My jaw dropped lol. Maybe he does have it. Not sure. Don’t really care to ask.


When I was in high school I remember after lunch when I was headed back to class, a group of seniors were walking back into the cafeteria from outside because seniors could eat outside. A guy let out a burp and I remember hearing a girl saying omg that’s so hot.

I remember being caught off a guard and then another guy just starting letting out these massive burps, I was right near them so I could hear and also smell his burps and they smelled like doritos. I remember his friend also complaining that he could smell his burps. It was the hottest thing ever.

I remember him letting out a super huge burp and then calling after the girl asking if she heard it. I’m pretty sure, the girl had the fetish and the guys were burping for her. At least that was the impression that I got.


I also once saw someone on a dating profile say they were attracted to guys burping which I thought was pretty bold. lol. I see it more than I think I would. Maybe it’s getting more familiarized? Idk.


I feel like with this fetish it’s hard to tell if someone is being sarcastic to hide it, or they genuinely do like it. I feel like me personally I would never tell my partner. I just like the idea of subtlety and also spontaneity. That’s what makes it hot. I don’t think I’d like it if I had someone force it constantly.


I have never met anyone else with a burping fetish beyond the members here. However, I am friends with someone who has eproctophilia; though, we have not often spoken explicitly about it (they’re married).

The main reason I have a burp fetish in the first place is that I dated a girl who had a burp fetish,when I was about 19. I still think about her from time to time


Wow would you mind talking about how that happened or at least, of course, if u have an idea on how it happened?