Hi! I’m the Belching Babe! 💚

I’ve been guided over to these forums from a few clients & told to introduce myself here!

I just started creating & being a part of this community a little over a month ago.

I’ve been accepted with open arms & am so excited to meet more of you!!

I’ve been burping since I’ve been a babe & decided to share it with more people.

I love doing it, especially showing my stomach. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m also a photographer so I’m all about angles & amazing locations!
As well as good video & audio quality.

I have a menu for customs, so feel free to reach out!
I love getting creative with this talent of mine!

Tik tok: thebelchingbabe

Snapchat: Belchingbabe

Only Fans: thebelchingbabe

Looking forward to connecting with you all!

Any suggestions for future content is also welcomed!


I ordered a couple of customs from her yesterday and they were awesome! To be perfectly honest, I feel like the clips she has on TikTok don’t really show how good she is, so I was pleasantly surprised! I’ll definitely order more in the future!


Yeah I have to say, I heard the clips and although I’m always happy when people are open to our fetish and make us content, I just felt like she wasn’t at the level where I would get anything out of it, personally.

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That’s okay :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I completely take back my previous comment after seeing her most recent video posted in the TikTok thread. Talk about improvement!


I just discovered you a few days ago, and wow, you are amazing. Love both your Tik Tok and of course your Only Fans, which is definitely worth it. Thank you so much for the content you provide. Your burps are amazing, and you seem to enjoy belching. What a gift.


Awh!! Thank you!! I do enjoy doing it because it brings joy to those around me!