Hiccups fetish

I’ve always had a slight fetish for hiccups as well as burps. Although I’d always choose to see a burp over a hiccup, when a girl gets the hiccups it still turns me on a little bit.

And the ultimate thing for me is burps and hiccups together. When a hiccup seems to force out a burp or a burp causes a hiccup I love that more than anything.

I think they are closely related so I assume some others have the same sort of hiccup fetish going on with their burping fetish.


I totally agree! Hiccuping is so cute and it ties into my fetish for burping as well. If a guy or girl hiccurps, it’s so hot—sometimes even hotter than a belch by itself. If they seem surprised or embarrassed afterwards then that’s the ultimate turn on :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s nice to see this get resurrected (I hope to see other topics get resurrected too!!), I was going to post in the hiccups thread before the old forums went- mostly links from cartoons.

I have more of a burp fetish & would prefer burps mixed with hiccups- I don’t like those half burp half hiccup things when someone burps every time they hiccup (like at the same time), I would like to see someone burping with a couple of hiccups sprinkled in lol.
Yeah, hiccups (hearing someone hiccup) always made me feel a bit funny too. Even though they’re not the same as burps, I think I viewed them as similar because eating & drinking too much or too fast can make someone hiccup aswell as burp.


I love hiccup burps! I’m actually naturally really good at this! Specially if I’ve been holding in a really big burp for too long, suddenly I’ll just hiccup and force up the burp. My burps are so much more powerful if I hiccup first.


I have always lived the way some people with hiccups hold their breath to try to eliminate them, and instead the hiccups come out twice as fast. It’s out of control!

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I’ll resurrect this to chime in and say hiccups are delightful, especially hiccups with burps. I’m a fan of both hiccup-burp combinations, and someone who has the hiccups and is also burping. I find both scenarios to be extremely attractive.

Both hiccups and burps are attractive on their own as well. It depends on my mood, but someone with just hiccups can be just as pleasant as someone only burping. Hiccups and burps though? Elite combo.


I think I only like them when they’re mixed in with burps to where someone has to do one after having a fit of the other


where search more hiccup video?

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Hmmm, depends what you are after. If you are just after purely hiccups and not burps then it’s fairly easy to find hiccup videos in the usual places (youtube etc.) or the usual paid sites if you want to pay. But if you are looking for hiccup videos with good burps in them then it is a lot harder to find these type of videos as it is not a common talent, nor is it commonly “asked for” by people in the community. But you can find some in those usual places, you will have more luck with paid sites like manyvids though, if you need suggestions on models PM me.

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there is some forum similar to this forum only hiccups?

I feel like I’ve seen it before but can’t remember the name.
Edit: it’s called Hiccup forum and uses the same layout as our old site but you have to be a member to browse the discussion board

There definitely used to be so I assume it’s still going. I only went there once many years ago to see if they had any hiccup videos with burping but they didn’t have anything, and since my hiccup fetish only works if it also contains burping, normal hiccup content doesn’t interest me so I never went back.

I’m sure you will be able to find it if you do some searches around the place.

There definitely is a forum but as of a few months ago I can’t login anymore, which is strange because I can still see activity going on within it. Anybody know what is going on?

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I think hiccups are cute and I find them adorable and attractive, but they are not a fetish for me.

My girlfriend gets ridiculous hiccups all the time and it sometimes almost makes me feel sad that I do not have a full fetish for it.


Got a link? I’ll check it out.


False alarm. It works. I just had to change my IP Address for some reason. It should work for you if you never made an account here before.

I checked it out a few years ago I think but haven’t been back since. Is there any burping with hiccups content on there or strictly hiccups?

Occasionally but it’s mostly 99 percent hiccups I believe. I don’t check often enough as well.

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