How to swallow air faster

I want to be able to chug air super fast I feel like it would help my burping skills and I just know I would love how it feels I can do it when I’m drinking something by taking very small sips and swallowing mostly air but when I do it without a drink it’s like my mouth drys out and my throat has to reset after every swallow what can do to practice speed without a drink?


I am roughly on the same stage as you :slight_smile: I’ve recently figured out how to gulp air more or less on command and would to love to load fast like so many burpers we have admired over the years.

Cliche as it may sound, practice makes perfect. While I do have trouble once my mouth starts drying, by practicing I have found that I can gradually do more and more gulps with a single sip of water. At this point, just wetting my lips could be enough.

A more specific but seemingly counter intuitive tip to chug air fast is to take it slow and easy! I find that if I strain to do it as fast as possible, everything tightens up and it becomes much more difficult. I would suggest focusing on a gentle but constant rhythm and trying to relax your throat. Try to push the air down gently and patiently work on increasing the frequency later. Hope this helps!

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Breathe in deep. Make a fist with your hand and cover your mouth with it as if you’re chugging from a bottle. Use your fist to keep your mouth shut. Fill your cheeks with some of the air you breathed in. Swallow all of the air in one gulp, as if you’re chugging a drink. Repeat chugging air until you’ve run out of the air you breathed in.

Take another deep breathe and repeat in this manner until your comfortable with the air in your stomach, then belch it out.

With practice you should get more comfortable with the process and be encouraged to chug faster.

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