I want to burp for you, will you let me? ;)

Hey everyone, I’m burpsNcurves on OF! I’m also Forbidden Sphinxxx / VVithoutshame on TikTok! Here are some of my burps incase you’re interested in more :kiss:


I know U from TikTok. You’re one of the sexiest belchers I’ve ever seen :heart:

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That last one had food in it xD You’re an excellent belcher - and beautiful.


Thank you love :kissing_heart:

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Lol I think so! Thank you bb :kiss:

You’re quite welcome gorgeous :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Damn she’s good and she’s thiccccccc🫣

Looks like her OF disappeared.

Here’s the new link, ton of great content on there OnlyFans

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