IRL Male Farting Experience

Not sure what happened to the other one, but I might as well start a new one.

Anyway this just happened like a few min ago by the time I’m writing this. So I’m hanging out with my hall and three seniors leave to eat out and come back like an hour or two later. One of the guys (he’s atleast 6 ft tall or above, white, brown curtain haircut, and athletic-ish body type, kinda soft looking) he walks over and I notice his gut was a little round (if your into that). He opens his door, his butt facing my direction, lifts his leg and farts for about 2 seconds. Of course the guys didn’t react too crazily over it. I was internally screaming, because holy crap that was hot.
He does it again two more times and this is what he said each time. “Can you smell it yet?” And finally “I’m just full of gas, bro”. Personally for me I’m not into the whole “smelling” thing, but I know some of you are. It sucks he’s a senior though, especially with the semester ending around the corner ;-; So most likely I’m not even gonna have any more stories about this guy.

Anyone else here have any IRL farting experiences?


i just remember one time when i was playing water polo my coach ripped a huge fart after a scrimmage we had. he was 6’6”, probably around 300 pounds, had a nice beard and big hairy belly. something about him was so attractive to me but i wasn’t quite sure what until he let loose this huge fart. it was after a scrimmage, and while he was squatting on the pool deck while my teammates and i were in the pool in our speedos, he was giving us our warm down and commenting on our game. halfway thru his talk, he paused, held up a finger, and ripped a huge 5 second deep loud fart on deck almost right above me. everyone laughed and didn’t think much of it but i was hella bricked up in my speedo and even when i got out of the pool i was still so fucking hard. since then i’ve had dreams about farting experiences w him but sadly i’ll probably never see him again


@thedamnguy thats super freaking hot dude

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hey guys. i know there’s a diversity of opinions on toilet farts and that kind of stuff so feel free to turn away if you’re not interested in that lol

but basically, something unbelievable happened a few weekends ago. i’ve been close to this guy i was roomies with in college for like 7 years now, and when we were younger he was the absolute center of all my bromance/exhibitionist/roommate fantasies. he’s a pudgy ex football athlete who’s (of course) full of gas. he has a huge cock (story for another time) and was totally open to all the bro-y stuff i never thought i’d experience since i knew i was queer lol. i came out as bi to him more than two years after we stopped living together and he took it surprisingly well (he’s from a rural area and a bit on the conservative side), but i didn’t think the connection we had would ever come back bc we don’t live together anymore

some experiences that automatically come to mind is the fact that he would belch nonstop while playing video games for the entire time we lived together. sometimes he would excuse himself and sometimes not, he would just get taco bell or wendy’s or something in front of him on off nights and fill our tiny ass dorm with burps all night lol. but he never really farted too much around me because i guess he thought that was too far. in our senior year, he had buffalo wild wings one night. it fucked him up and he made comments about it all night, until we were getting ready for bed and he just let the fattest one out. it rumbled like crazy and i remember being like damn, he was hiding that this whole time? we laughed and he was on and on about “man i had to do it, i’m sorry”

anyways, the reason i wanted to make this post is because we played a gig together a few weekends back and kept making jokes about how the client made us get out there too early in the AM and how we missed our morning shit and all that nonsense. i went to drop one, and to my surprise he followed me in and took the stall directly next to me. i was so thrown off because there was no awkwardness to it AT ALL, he just got in there still chatty and starting ripping the craziest toilet farts. i’ll spare you guys a recounting of anything wetter than those initial few lol because it’s not really my thing. it was just so crazy/hot to me that we still had that level of closeness that i thought had slipped away for good.

tldr; ex roommate and i took a shit together


could you describe him in more detail? he sounds hot

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This happened tonight, about an hour ago. I attended my partner’s friend’s wedding. We were dancing and at some point I had to use the bathroom. I was in a stall and then noticed two guys coming in to use the urinals. I was minding my business when I heard a beefy and short fart sound. The two guys laughed and the one standing by the further urinal said “Oops” and the guy who farted, who was by the urinal right in front of me, said “I think there’s a frog around here”, and then they laughed a little more.

As I was leaving, I could get a glimpse of the farter: he was not astonishingly handsome, but was pretty beefily built, had thick arms and a wide chest, was about 5’10" and had a tattoo on his right arm.

I was really thrilled cuz it was my first time experiencing something like that, and it was amazing! Hope I get to hear more urinal farts in person like that in the future hehe


I was in the bathroom (skipping class) my junior year of high school and was just sitting on a stall. Some guy walks in and heads to a urinal and does his business. Next thing I hear is the fattest muffled fart in what sounded like jeans and it stretched on for a few seconds before he bellowed out a loud sigh. He even ripped another before leaving. Was pretty hard for me to not get a boner.