Jessistellinu is making a comeback

Jess is going to start her of again and wants to show that the bad review here was a one time misunderstanding


How do younknow this?

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Yes. I restarted my burping OF. I had a misunderstanding on there last year and I got smeared in the forum. I took a break because it really did put a bad taste in my mouth for a bit because life was just bombarding me. I was moving around pretty consistently, I was constantly getting sick and only did customs for select people and they were also waiting awhile until I took a break all together. I was really trying my best to appease everyone as I could.

Ryguy and I have kept in contact via IG and I expressed to him today that I was returning to the scene had concerns about how I would be received.

My new OF is burpingbeauty2. To appease everyone, I will be doing at least 2, hour long lives that will be uploaded to view a week. That allows people to make requests and ask questions.

That is 1.5 hours a week and 6 hours of potential “tailored” burp content for $20/month. I usually charge $20/ min for customs.

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Thank you for being such a good friend and supporter :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Just incase you wanted to see a sneak peak :smirk:


Will there be specific themed videos posted, outside of the lives? I only ask just bc of the various different schedules we all have and varying time zones as well, so having to be in the lives to make requests and what not might be difficult for some.

There’s a poll option now as well if I remember correctly where we can pick different themes or outfits or what have you.

Glad to hear your life is settled down :call_me_hand:t2:

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The lives will be uploaded so you will be able to watch “post-live” which will allow you to comment. I will also be posting shorter clips as well throughout the week. I have my messages completely open to suggestions and will be running polls occasionally as well.

I really enjoy entertaining you all and I am so happy to be back. Thank you for your support :slight_smile:

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