Kimycola - My Burp Experience

Hey its Kimycola! I feel like writing something lol

I’ve been burping for as long as I can remember. I started very young because I thought it was funny to do. Just like farting. It makes me giggle lol. And over time, I became really good at it. I was so good that my parents would yell at me to stop all the time, almost every day lol.

Since I am 33, and my sister Katie is 21, she grew up listening to my belches wanting to try it out for herself. We quickly learned that my sister is just as good if not BETTER than me lol. And our parents hated that even more lol. So now they had to yell at both of us and me for being somewhat of a strange influence.

Some of my influencers are as follows:
Homer Simpson
Ed from Ed, Edd & Eddy

After becoming an adult, I would go to parties and just let it rip either impressing everyone in the room or clearing out a room from disgust in the middle of a beer pong game! Burping in a public setting is not shameful to me. I would burp in front of my boyfriends parents, during events, at bars, during work, just about anywhere anytime I felt a natural one build up in my throat. When I would go on dates, I would have to mention right off the top that I burp a lot and very loudly. I feel like they needed to know that this is me 100% and if you don’t like it then I’m not your girl lol.

I have never been challenged in a public setting but I have been kicked out of a bar for belching too loud. It was during a bachelorette party and we were bar hoping. We walked in, I ordered a beer. My friend ordered shots for us. I took one sip of my beer and let a huge one rip while staring into the eyes of my bartender because I was extremely proud, as always. He did not like that shit one fucking bit. He ripped my beer from my hand and stuffed it under the bar and told me I had to leave. As he walked away to print my tab, I grabbed my beer back and started drinking again. I literally thought he was joking!!! He was not. He slid me my tab and said, “This is not a joke ma’am. Please leave.” I paid my tab, walked out, and posed at the front door for a picture. Seriously so proud of myself in that moment and still to this day so extremely proud of myself LOL.

Flash forward to today, I HAD NO IDEA BURPING WAS A FETISH!!! Wtffffffff why didn’t anyone tell me?!?!?! I would’ve been in the game! I’ve always wanted to be a content creator! I just had no idea what to do or what to film. Burping, wow. The thing that I’m so amazing at. All you have to do is be yourself wtffffff lol okay here I am!

I will post more stories and thoughts, as I think of them, about my life and experiences as a burp content creator. I do enjoy writing sometimes. This could be therapy for me lol I hope you guys enjoy!

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Those were awesome stories… especially the bar experience. I’ve been a fan of yours since I first discovered you around August or September. You have some great videos, especially the ones with Katie. But your lives are what really does it for me. The only complaint that I have is you and Katie ignore my requests a lot lol. Maybe it’s not intentional… maybe it is but all I asked was to be followed back so I could message ya with requests for customs$. Take care and stay talented


As a fan of burps, I love all your content and now as a content creator myself, you always inspire me to steup up my game!

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Welcome to the forums! Glad to see such a phenomenal talent join the community. You’re a first ballot hall-of-fame belcher for sure.


Love your videos and lives! You definitely have a crazy talent that ik some of us wish we had! If it’s okay for me to ask, does Katie have any plans to make content in the future?


Sooo sorry! I try not to ignore anyone but I’m not sure which platform you messaged on. Let me know!


Thank you!!!


Thank you so much! We have a few videos that we’ve made together. My sister is also on Twitch and burps over there, but no so much lately. I keep telling her to come back and she will eventually but for right now she’s not interested. As a matter of fact, her TikTok account was banned for Inappropriate Activities. So the only place to see her right now would be the few videos we’ve made and Twitch where she has previous streams posted.


Also you can see my sister on my Youtube channel. I have posted our TikTok live streams over there!


Just watched some of your tic toks and i was very impressed at the length and loudness of your burps also really great story it was a very interesting read. Glad your in the community and thanks for all the contributions!

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Wow, glad to have you around here then! Hope you feel at ease :smiley:

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Extremely hot to read Kimy! Why can’t I meet somelne like you irl lol. The bartender seems like a real chode lol.


Hey everyone!

I always like to download my TikTok lives to post on YouTube or make clips for TikTok and occasionally I will come across a video that has music in the background. I do not like uploading those to YouTube since there is a chance I could get claimed.

I have uploaded a live of my sister and I burping and eating Taco Bell on WeTransfer! It’s available for free if anyone would like a copy!

I’m new to the forum and didn’t exactly know where to post this. So please feel free to share!



Hey everyone! My sister and I got tipsy and made a new video last night! If anyone would like to come check it out, the preview is posted to our private Instagram account Katienkimy

The full version is for sale!

DM me for access to the account!


I relate to this so hard. I’ve always grown up doing it. People are ALWAYS impressed. I’ve had one encounter of a rude person when I just let one out and he goes “I can tell how respectful you are just by what u just did” was not happy. Otherwise every bar I go to and I get drunk I let them out and everyone goes wild. I’ve made an unbelieve amount of $ on OF from starting on my tiktok @kiwiroach for my called “talent” and I’m not stopping LOL