List of Good Commission Models

Hi everyone

I am very particular about what I like in a video, so I am a fan of custom burping commissions which are later made public (does not bother me).

The bad part is that it is very hard to know if the model will deliver. I do not mind that they deliver late, but I get really frustrated when what I get has nothing to do with my commission.

Also, I find it that we have no system or file to guide us through the models that actually make these, so it is always hit or miss once you have asked for a commission, and they usually request that you pay up front.

I never ask for burp customs if the model does not offer them as part of their talents. That is a given. So I was thinking of making a list of models that: (i) have taken requests; (ii) actually deliver what you ordered; (iii) are cool with it - do not shame you in the process; and (iv) have outstanding skills.

In my experience, so far, these models are willing to make excellent eating and burping customs while showing both their faces and their bellies:

  1. Sade
  2. Eris Temple
  3. AnitaSativa (MFC)
  4. Madalynn Raye
  5. Claire

If we could expand this list it would be good for their business and it would save us a lot of trouble.


You’ve successful ordered customs from Eris? I emailed her to verify that she would be ok with my idea, and while she initially answered, she then ignored me.

got a custom from her as well

You could try Lizzie Rose.

Well, I ordered via the I Want Custom Clips website and she never did interact with me, but she took the money and delivered on time

If it helps

But do you think you’d be willing to ask girls who say have burped in chat shows, perhaps before they know this fetish is a thing, to do commissioned content? That’s probably how a lot of MFC girls have been inducted to this fetish, for example. Also note that Goddess Eris (saying Eris Temple is a bit weird btw-I believe her model name is Goddess Eris, and the “Temple” means the temple that her fetish fans figuratively worship at. Just to point that out) is an MFC model too, I believe that’s where she started out.

Sure, if the tag “burp” or anything related to that shows up in the MFC search thingy, then yes. I usually ask for a sample via PM with some up-front token payment (they usually charge some amount per burp, which is a sunk cost of the whole thing) and if it’s good, then I request a comission via MFC mail. I’ve never gotten a negative response this way, models usually like to see that you are willing to tip before even considering a commission.

P.S. thank you for clarifying the ‘Temple’ thing, I always thought it was her fake last name for some stupid reason

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I placed an order for a Custom Video from Eris about a week ago now via IWantClips. Haven’t heard anything from her but according to the order the video should be ready in 2 weeks

So I received my Custom from Eris yesterday and it was well the price. So she gets the nod of approval from me. :+1::+1:

Does eris do skype shows?

I’m not sure.

You should put their links next to their name(in Sade’s case her user name)

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Received my 2nd Custom from Eris this morning and it was well worth the price of admission. So if you have the funds I say give her a look for a Custom. You won’t be disappointed

I am not on this list? :frowning:

Are you new to bff ? This thread is 3 years old so it has a lot of old info

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I realized later haha, sorry! it was still a joke!