Male Farting

If anyone wants fart videos I have over 1000 I can send them on Instagram, Snap or email or even text message


Please could send me?

could you email them to me too? :innocent:

Plz I’d love too. My email is:

Yes please

my email is

Would love to trade if u want :slight_smile:

Hello could you please email them to me too

Yes I’m down. My email is

If you’re still sending I’d love the videos too.

Thank you!!

I want too

My email is

Hi i’d love to: email please! Hope this isn’t to late! Me too please

Has anyone actually got an email yet? I posted back in July but still don’t have anything :sleepy:

Not at all💀

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Nope thanks!!

Do you guys remember this Youtube video? It was about this 3 friends doing some challenge ,one white guy and 2 other black guys, and one of the black guys kept burping and the other one farting and the white dude was in the middle. Super hot.

Definitely!! @dhotdude