My OF content

At this point I am so pissed off, I don’t care how this is received.

I have found a YouTube video of a screen recording of my OF content.

Out of respect for me and my paying subscribers, if I find more of these screen recordings, I will be done making burp content all together.

I do not blast your personal fetishes or preferences to the public and if I continue to see myself unauthorized on YouTube or on another platform than where I am posting that my family and friends could see, this will be done.

I don’t appreciate it and it’s not fair to those who are paying for privileged content.

Please respect my privacy as I am respecting yours.


Sorry that this has happened, post the link so we can try reporting it.


I really appreciate that. I did a copyright claim and it has been removed.


Unfortunately piracy of this kind of content is something which comes with the territory- that being the internet. It will always happen on certain corners of it. All a producer can do is to be vigilant. There’s apparently some bespoke, paid services which can snipe down whenever they detect your material for you, if that’s something you’re willing to invest in.