New to creating burp content, looking for feedback on my compilation

Hey everyone, I have been burping all my life and had no idea this community existed! I am testing the waters after a burp video unexpectedly got some interest. Most of my content is centered around bra sewing, but am thinking about adding in burp content to my OF. Here’s a link to my OF if you’re interested in checking out the burp video for free (it’s not super active right now, but will be in the coming months) OnlyFans

I was planning on embedding the video, but since I’m a new user I cannot. :frowning:

If you’re interested in checking out the original burp video (it’s a really big burp) that’s on my YouTube here:

Thank you so much and am looking forward to your feedback! :slight_smile: :heart:


I think those are all good points! thank you. creating a separate account for burping was on my mind, so I’m glad you pointed that out.


I’d certainly be interested supporting you on a new journey with content as a separate OF account! Welcome to the community, we’re not all bad! :smile: