Psychological Desensitization

I’m now 34 and have been part of the community since the original forum was created, even before that on the old yahoo groups.
I always knew I had an obsession with burps, wasn’t until I hit puberty I realized it was sexual and girls burps only.

But over the years I feel that I have become desensitized to burping, the physical arousal is still there and I can still only get off to girls burping. But I feel like I have lost something over the years, the psychological high or rush that I used to get every time I heard or saw a girl burp in a video.

It is very hard to explain but I always used to get this mind euphoria, racing thoughts and many scenarios going through my mind, a feeling of extreme analysis. It was so powerful at first that if I saw a girl burp in public it would render me speechless and fully absorbed for a few seconds, even after it happened.

This feeling doesn’t necessarily have to cause me immediate sexual arousal, although it can certainly lead to it and in perfect circumstances both of these types of euphoria synergise and feed into each other. This was common almost guaranteed for the first few years of watching videos.

Now I find it so hard to get that feeling back, even when watching new content. On command burping was extremely impressive to me when I was younger and gave me this mind euphoria easily. I would seem to find new content almost daily, see new techniques and hear new types of on command burps, I held them higher than any natural burps or real life burps.

But eventually watching videos takes away the “Human” connection that my psyche seemed to feed off. Now I have reduced watching videos down to a fine art; I can easily find burps I like from multiple videos and compile them myself. Put burps on repeat, slow motion, try to clean up the audio etc. In this way the person doing the burp has become much less relevant to me as I just obsess over the sound, the psychological high is gone.

Weirdly I have not been desensitized in this way at all to any of my friend’s burps, despite having been exposed to them for many years and knowing exactly how they sound, look and their reactions. Every time it is like seeing them burp again for the first time and I get that rush to my head, physical sexual arousal is secondary in this situation and may not even occur at all. I wish I could get that feeling back again when watching videos.

I don’t think there is any cure for it, maybe except stop watching burping videos, but taking a break for a few months doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Anyone else experienced this?


The way you describe it, I don’t necessarily see it as a bad thing. It’s natural that the magical rush of a new experience can’t last forever. Similarly, I’ve been content with making comps using whatever I come across easily vs spending hours scouring for new stuff like I used to. Can’t say I miss it either!


I hear ya on not being bothered to search for new content as much. I never really got into ticktok or twitch, youtube has more or less dried up compared to what it used to be and I haven’t purchased any paid content in over a year. This is the first time I’ve even been on the forum or engaged with the community in probably over a year, and I mostly come here for the discussion anyway.

And you are correct that it is natural for the magical rush of a new experience to fade with time, but it does leave me pondering the nitty gritty of my psyche. If I no longer get that magical rush or feeling of connection with the girl, what has my fetish been reduced to? A digital audio signal??

I used to think the act of burping and all this other psychological stuff was was the main driver behind my arousal, I used to think there was something special about it, I used to think the girl doing the burp actually mattered. Now after many years none of that stuff really matters, the sound is 99% all I care about when I want to jack off.

I mean I’m not complaining, I think it is cool that I can just listen to an audio file and climax fairly easily. It just… doesn’t make any sense, am I right? I’d give anything just to know the reason.

Sorry I got side tracked hahaha, I often do.


Yeah it’s definitely gotten a lot less intense over the years for me as well. I’m 29 right now and I remember when I was in school, guys used to burp around me very frequently and I remember being super stimulated by it. Nowadays I don’t often hear burps in public or in general. To be fair I’m mostly home now and sadly unemployed so I don’t really go out anyway so I’m interacting with less and less people but I do feel like it takes a lot more to get me turned on then it used to.

I feel like the only burps that turn me on are the super loud on command ones, regular mild burps don’t really arouse me that much unless its a guy who’s I’ve wanted to hear or see burp like a celebrity or just a guy that I have a crush on. I’ve lost a lot of the fervor I once had. I used to dedicate so much of my time looking up burps and making comps and sharing them. I still do but it’s lot less than it used to be. Not only because of the lack of content but simply because I don’t really feel that motivated to go searching for it. I only really make a comp and comb through a channel if I know the burps are quality and worth my time.

I find that just seeing a guy burp is not enough for me anymore. I want to see his whole body like his stomach as he burps on command. Just seeing that whole process is what really gets me. Any regular burp is just meh to me, it won’t really turn me on not even a little. So yeah I just think its a symptom of getting older. I’ve found other hobbies and other things to occupy me so the fetish has taken a bit of a backseat. I’m slowly getting back into it again but its nowhere near how it used to be.


I’ve had interesting experiences with the fetish. And tbh my favorite moments are when it’s spontaneous. Like if a guy is just on the couch and lets one rip, or like after sex or something. I’ve actually dated someone with the fetish and have hooked up with people with the fetish. That being said, I don’t enjoy burping myself at all. I get nothing from it. It doesn’t fit my personality at all. I’m very submissive so I’m more into men doing it. But even tho the chemistry was hot, this awkward back and forth of ripping burps was totally not natural and felt like an over exaggeration. My ideal scenario isn’t getting into bed with someone and having them belch all over me. If it happened that way, cool. But I found it cringy that someone relied so much on burping to get me off. To each their own.

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I also find that the men I’m attracted to that do burp a lot are often really immature and have toxic traits. It’s like a sad connection between the fetish and the men I meet. Since burping is often viewed as immature and impolite. For me there is a balance. I would be mortified if a guy I was with just ripped burps in a restaurant or whatever. Totally unnecessary and also like inconsiderate to
The public. At the end of the day, there is no need to subject people to our pleasure. It can easily be done behind closed doors or a more intimate setting.


I can understand that. I genuinely never know how I’m going to react when I see/hear someone let one rip around me, there is always some amount of anxiety mixed with the excitement.
It also does depend on where it is and who else around, if it was in a restaurant or other formal public setting, and it was obnoxiously loud or gross (enough for other people to take notice) can be an awkward situation.

One time in particular comes to mind, way back 15+ years ago. I was dating this girl who burped naturally a lot and very loud/gross sounding. I was just out of high school and the very first time I had my GF over to meet my parents for dinner, after the meal, we were helping my mum wash up the dishes. Then out of nowhere she abruptly lets out a juicy and deep post dinner burp, she managed to put her hand over her mouth an turn to the side as she let it out but it was a poor attempt. My mum was completely grossed out, I don’t think she had ever heard a young lady burp like that before, she didn’t say anything but the look on her face as she stared me down said it all. My GF didn’t even realize she had done anything and as the moment passed we went back to washing up.

I was so embarrassed and anxious about the whole thing and when I told my GF later on to maybe not burp like that around my mum, she just laughed and swore to me that it was purely natural and just came out.

Also it’s interesting you mention about the guys who burp a lot being immature and toxic, never really thought about that, but it does make sense. I do hope you find someone whose burps you enjoy and who isn’t toxic, there are definitely those out there who have the talent but keep it mostly to themselves.


There is an essential bad boy slash bad girl component to my burping fetish. At least there is an assumption that the burper is willing to be rude, and that ads to the hotness for me. I suppose that is why I have never want to bring this kink into real world relationships and compartmentalize it in the realm of fantasy as a form of niche porn.

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i’ve only ever felt this with girls online, especially when i’ve already heard them burp a ton, with some exceptions of course. i’ve never felt this way irl, my friend has been burping around me for years and i never get tired of hearing her burps, same with my gf, she’s constantly burped around me for several months and i don’t ever see myself getting over them. it feels like im in a never ending honeymoon phase (talking about her in general and not just her burps). i know for a fact im only saying this is because they both have the perfect tone that i’ll always enjoy, i think if my gf or friend had burps that sounded like amy rose or meowlena i’d feel tortured.
i can only assume someone would get desensitized to burps in real life if they’re not “perfect”

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Thank you! I appreciate that :slight_smile: tbh this fetish makes the whole world of dating very hard. Feeling like someone isn’t your type or doesn’t turn you on if they’re too proper or poised etc. It’s honestly pretty cumbersome and stupid.


that actually tracks and I wish I wasn’t attracted to such rudeness because it seems like they are always toxic in every other area as well. but like, it’s just so hot lol :sob: the guy I’m into is pretty much like this, he teases me a lot and he even told me he just likes being disrespectful, which is probably why he burps freely but usually remembers to excuse himself around me :3

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