Red light Amsterdam

Has anyone been and had any burping experiences or heard of any of the workers burping. Im going in September so curious as to what your experiences have been

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The women are usually behind windows so you wouldn’t be able to hear unless you paid to see one. It’s all done pretty respectfully there and it’s less of a district and more of an industry than you’d expect.

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So you dont even get an idea as to what the woman looks like? This is the first time I’ve ever heard of this place.

No you do see them through the window. Window shopping on another level

Ah that makes more sense. Are there woman of all sizes and fulfill different desires? Or are they mostly vanilla and slim figures.

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Theres a variety I believe

Yeah, there’s a pretty wide variety. I found this tourism page that doesn’t specifics on where/how to get particular desires satisfied, but it might get you pointed in the right direction!

The red light district is a super cool place. If you’re into piss, you’re golden (pun intended)