Remember your first First Contest?

This may have been a topic before… then again maybe not. But who all remembers their very first burping competition? I had the fetish since I was about 16 but my first contest that I ever had with a female was when I was about 20. I used to get on this chat line all of the time called the Miami Raven. I was in one of the front rooms when I heard someone continuously belching. Once I heard a female’s voice I was like ( damn…that was a girl). So I quickly swallowed air and did an on command burp just to kinda get her into the competitive mood so that she wouldn’t go to another chat room and I wouldn’t lose her. She replied with another burp. So we said a few words to each other and just continue burping while other people listened and thought that it was crazy lol. There was another dude that entered the chat room and he and the burping girls started talking. This was when pagers were really popular so they kind of hit it off and she gave him her pager number.But being the sneaky individual I was back then)… I quickly wrote it down. She never knew that I wrote her number down as she was giving it to the other guy but the next day I paged her and she called me saying (Did someone just page Mariah?) I told her that I was the dude who she was having fun with last night. She was like oh you’re the one I was burping with? I was like yeah. She was pretty nice to me but I’m pretty sure that she wondered why the hell I had her pager number. I was telling her how cool it was that she was able to work. So as we were talking she did a pretty nice one in my ear. She described herself to me with her eye color and everything and I still remember it. We talked for about 10 minutes but I never heard from her again. Maybe I should have tried to pursue it but I didn’t want to be a pest (especially since she never gave me the # in the first place) Ugh…if only time machines were an actual thing


There are so many ways this could have gone terribly wrong, but you had the courage to dial the number. You were perfectly chill about it too, and she did ask, “how the hell did you get this number?”. I hope you have many fun burp contests in the future.


My first contest is what got me into the fetish. Im not too good at storytelling so imma keep it brief. I was like 11/12 playing on my xbox one day and I got a call from my crush to randomly do a burp contest with her and 2 of her friends. Her and one of her friends def beat me but this started random burp contests between me and her friends for like a year which I ended up getting attracted to. We stopped speaking as much but I still heard a few really good ones from them time to time till we left school.


I was too shy to really have contests in school. But I was lucky to know some powerhouse female burpers. And one lived two doors down from me.

But my first real contest (it was more of an experience than a single contest) came in college. It was like the stars aligned. I knew I had the fetish. And this girl who was EXACTLY my type was into me. Short, 100lbs exactly, Italian girl with dark skin and almost black hair. She was a musician and so was I. And when she played, she swallowed air. So one day, she burped. And it wasn’t a monster burp or anything, but it was bassy and full of gorgeous tone. I instantly was like “play it cool.” And then out of nowhere she says “can you burp?” I was taken by surprise and didn’t even let on because I was too worried about where my fetish would lead me. Anyway, she burped ALL THE TIME after that and then we started dating. I never told her about my fetish but we ended up having constant contests. She was insanely competitive and so was I.

She would also burp every single time we were done having sex… we called it the “after sex burp.” And guess what fellas? I screwed it up. Nothing to do with burping. Just me being a guy in college and playing around. Literally I look back on this girl and think “holy shit… it couldn’t have been more perfect.” And I fucked it up haha.

That’s my story!


You screwed up the end game, but you were fortunate enough to have a burp contest partner. Do you think she would have warmed up to it if you admitted your fetish. I don’t think I would have the guts to admit that to anyone TBH.


I think she may have figured it out after a while but we were so competitive with each other that the competition factor sort of “clouded” the intensity of the fetish I think.

I def look back at that year as a lot of fun. I have so many moments that I still think about to this day of experiences, contests, places she burped at etc. it’s pretty great


I think it’s wonderful that a real relationship evolved amidst the secret (or perhaps not so secret) fetish. It’s like you had a common interest that led you to spend some quality time together competing no more different than if you played video games or tennis. So awesome!

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Yeah, I talked to her that day but it was the first and last time. I paged her about a week later from a pay phone ( I’m giving away my age) and she called it back. I said (hey, Mariah) she burped in my ear and hung up. So, I didn’t hit her up anymore. Didn’t wanna be bothersome

Damn… what a wonderful childhood

Damn…u really lucked out with that one…well, the beginning and middle, but the end wasn’t so lucky. But the fact that u ended up dating her and after intercourse, she would end up burping… was heaven sent

i’m pretty unfortunate since i’ve never had a contest irl as i can’t burp (naturally), but i remember my first contest. it was around 5-6 years ago when this girl used to stream on instagram, and this other site too that i can’t remember the name of, she was pretty well known here. it was a pretty standard contest, a few vns sent back and forth, and then videos. didnt talk to her about anything else because i was a kid and wasnt really interested in anything apart from her burps. it makes me sad knowing there were a couple girls back in the days i couldv’ve heard burp more often in my middle/hs days if i was good myself, and even right now i dont think my rl burp friend would say no to a contest, but i can’t complain since i prefer natural burps over artificially induced ones. i’m just lucky i’m growing up in a time where it’s so easy to have a random contest with someone online that you’ll never even have to speak to after again or see in real life.

my first live contest was that same year, on gta. i was in a public server, and there was a couple others talking, one of whom was a girl. just a few minutes after joining i heard this huge ass burp, i didnt think anything of it since i just thought it was a guy. just a few minutes later i heard it again, and i opened that player menu which shows you who’s talking and i was so shocked to see it was the girl. i teased her and told her it was weak, then did an on command burp myself which was tiny. she told me it was pathetic then about 5 seconds later ripped another huge one. after this point i started rercording my screen. i ended up adding her on skype and we talked for a good 30 minutes in the lobby where she did 4 more burps before leaving. i didn’t wanna ask her anything about her burps since there was this other dude talking. we ended up texting on skype, turns out she was only a year younger and she looked hella cute, i seriously couldnt believe those burps came out of her, i just couldnt picture it (but i’d find out later they were), the burps sounded so much hotter since i could associate a cute face with those beasts. i really wanted to talk to her about burps but i knew that would be weird over text if i just asked her a bunch of burp related questions. i knew it would be more natural if i just asked her when we were playing. we ended up playing next week and i convinced her to join a private lobby so i could talk to her there alone. her burps were the same as the other weeks, every 5-10 minutes. i asked her if she’s doing it on command and she said that they’re natural, but sometimes she does them on command sometimes just for fun, which surprised me since i didnt know someone could produce that much gas naturally (but later on i figured it was because she’d drink and talk a lot whilst we played). i asked her a bunch of other questions like what was her longest burp, what her friends/parents/teachers think of her burps, embarassing burp stories and a bunch others all whilst doing a few small baby burps of my own to seem natural. we’d end up playing almost every weekend, a mix between just the two of us together, and with other random people. hearing other people’s react in disgust to her burps always seemed to fuel her to do more, whereas i’d always be horny when i play with her, starting from her first burp until the end. i manged to record all of the gameplay every single time we’d talk. hearing here burp whilst she shot up npcs in her skimpy outfits and lingerie was always pretty hot. a couple weeks later we started having contests on skype and actually seeing her face while she burped for the first time was pretty special, it was also surprising, it wasnt live or anything but i prefered sending videos back and forth anyways. i still keep talk to her to this day, she doesnt play anything anymore which is a shame, but every now and then i’ll ask her for a contest. what i find the most interesting is how the tone of her burps got deeper over the years, whereas the length would roughly stay the same. one of my favourite moments has to be this time where some dude on gta was being toxic to everyone, and she burped the words “FUCK OOOOOOFFFFF” in a single burp then ran him over whilst i was in the passengers seat. i got a bit off topic here lol but oh well


My first contest was such a whirlwind, but I had known I’d had this kink before this happened. I was a freshman in high school and I’d been dating this girl for a bit. She was a soccer player, and I went to see her play an indoor match. The bench was across from the stands, and there was this epic belch that everyone heard from across the field, but none of the parents knew who it was. I hope it was because they were all amazing belchers. After the game, her mom was driving us home and she asked who had done it, and she very proudly proclaimed “It was me!”.

I knew I’d need to hear more, so the next day in school I told her I thought we should have a contest. She was totally on board, but wanted her parents to judge it. I played the we’re dating, I don’t want your parents to think I’m weird angle. That worked well enough, but meant I had to wait to have this contest for a minute. Thankfully we’re both competitive, so she’d tell me about how loud she was belching at home and her mom yelling at her. Her bragging about it really just added fuel to the fire of how hot I found this.

When the day finally came that I was able to come over with her parents gone, we had such an epic contest. She showed off her skills by belching words and just doing some really impressive loud, long, deep ones. We did this for like an hour just reading belches. She said I beat her, but I really didn’t even notice because I was so caught up in the moment. Since I beat her, she wanted another contest to try and beat me


Damn…that was hot. The whole situation was. I especially like how she wanted to redeem herself when she lost. That would make me wanna beat her everytime


Damn… I love situations like this. Experiences where you gradually turn it nto a beautiful companionship. Started out as a female who you heard burping while gaming, then ended up knowing her personally and having burping contests on a regular basis.


Just out of curiosity, can you explain what pagers are? Or maybe send me a link or something that explains them?

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