Something I have noticed

Something I have seen with a lot of smaller channels is that a girl will burp like once or a couple times in their early videos. This is when the creeps come in and start leaving time stamp comments and other weird requests and replies. Soon after, these channels basically become more focused on burp videos like mukbangs and chug challenges and other stuff like that. Idk how many of them actually enjoy this or are just pressured into making content like that but it’s pretty sad to me when they try to make other content that dosent get as much recognition and still has comment sections full of creeps.


This is exactly what happened to me way back when I first started making burping content. I was also a minor at the time and I had no idea it was a kink. Definitely made me a little uncomfortable when I finally caught on. I don’t mind it so much now that I’m an adult and I sell this content; it’s actually a lot of fun. Just speaking from experience though, it is definitely fucked up that this happens. These girls don’t understand what they’re being pressured to do. Very creepy. I wish everyone would support more aware/consenting models instead of going this route. Regardless I’m happy to have accidentally stumbled upon this money making opportunity, but I’m sure most girls this has happened to don’t feel the same way.


Which is your channel?

She primarily does Onlyfans now

This is why I’ve never been a fan of sharing smaller channels or channels with a poor view to sub ratio. It’s so much easier for creeps to come in and manipulate the direction of their channel. Either A. They get creeped out by it, B. They embrace it and manage to be okay with it, or C. They embrace it until it gets out of hand and they wish they’d never partook in it. Sharing smaller channels from YouTube,Twitch, Tiktok, etc is just asking for trouble. It’s essentially throwing somebody to the wolves(unless of course the person purposely makes burp fetish content). I find it quite disturbing that all it takes is one burp, one blabber mouth, and one name drop to have creeps setting up an ant farm on a smaller channel.

Now if we’re talking underage people that is just beyond disgusting. Adults who try to manipulate underage individuals to keep doing something for their own sexual pleasure belong in jail. People like that are a danger to society. God knows what they could be doing in their personal lives.


I learned very young that men are going to be gross and creepy to me no matter what I do, just because I’m a girl. That’s just how the world works. I also always try to turn negative situations into something positive the best I can. So with this, I was like “why should I let them be gross and creepy for free? Why shouldn’t I get something out of it too?” and now it’s not even creepy because I get it and I’m “on the same page” like you said, and it’s actually a lot of fun! I totally get why most girls don’t react the same way though. At first I was mortified and I wanted to erase my entire online presence lmao