Split tongue Burp customs available

Heavy, deep burping female available to do custom burping content up to 10mins long. Alphabet burping, deep guttural burping, speaking while belching.
Split tongue, heavily tattooed.
xyzSera on onlyfans



I have received content from her in the past, a few times, hands down best I’ve ever purchased. Almost unbelievable that it’s real. Reasonable pricing and very easy to deal with as well:)

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She is recommended for sure!

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There’s one or 2 on tiktok for example I believe. Same search name, id link it but tik toks seem to open to the home page not the one linked for some reason

check the google drive link for a teaser

what I mean is do you only have burping through private customs or do you have some on your page/ppv?

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Yeah like, if someone subscribes, can they then see burping videos with no paywall for each?

Can I just say (and no disrespect to current producers who know how to market their “talent” but I hope this girl is legit and sticks around. She describes her burps to a tee, has a quick preview easily located via url in her profile and posted one topic about herself. On top of all that, she seems to be an incredible belcher.

I get that everyone is different but I hope others will take a cue from this girl. It really is just so simple to market yourself on this forum and spamming or getting a very quick preview for tone/ability purposes just shouldn’t be so difficult.

Or maybe I’m just a grumpy “old” man after all these years lol.


Dig what @CelestialBurp says. But adding to my question, one thing which prospective fans tend to appreciate is when models on OF change their profile settings so that the profile (before hitting subscribe) lists each post so that people can gauge what will be available when they subscribe (but the posts are obviously grayed out in terms of not showing videos/pictures/audio, only the captions for them). Could you please do this, @xyzSera? And also let us know about whether individual videos on your feed are paywalled. I’m considering subscribing when we get to the new calendar month and I change up who I’m subscribed to.

Also, if people hit “Open image in new tab” on the banner image in her BFF profile, they’ll get a nice, juicy, phat surprise :peach: :heart_eyes: :drooling_face:

Just subbed, there doesn’t appear to any burp content readily available (I may be wrong), just looks like previews of full length videos you can obtain at extra cost. Shame, this page looked like it had potential to be a belching goldmine

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are these burping videos? price?

I’ve exchanged on a couple very brief messages with her and I don’t want to speak for her, but I get the impression that she’s busy, has a ton of followers on TikTok and isn’t going to change her brand for our community. I think she’s here just to say that she’s open to burping customs. Again, I don’t know for sure. It’s just the impression I get.

I know my worth.
I make custom videos upon request. If you reach out and want something specific, I will make the video and send it as a PPV. $5/minute clothed, $10/minute nude. No bullshit, no scams. I’m a deep, powerful belcher who can belch on command, and can provide almost anything you could think of. I have only ever received positive reviews for my burping content, and can guarantee you will not be disappointed. I have been told by multiple different people that I am the best burper they’ve encountered.
If you’re not interested, that’s fine. But I don’t advertise falsely, everything is up-front and straight-forward. I am relatively new to the burp fetish community and am keen to be a big part of it; I know I’m worth it. I am open to suggestions from you all in the community, since you’re the ones I’m here for.


Haha literally the best and most confident post I’ve seen on here in a while. Nice.

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put up a non sub fetish/kink page with a selection of ppv available to buy.

Heard, working on an OF page that’s free to subscribe with PPV customs and teaser clips posted regularly.


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