Tagging clarity

May we please ask ladies to use specific tags and not just spam ones like burp and belch in videos unrelated to the burp fetish which causes them to needlessly get indexed and shown along actual burping videos in searches. E.g. check this out:

There’s no reason Kelly had to do that as there are almost certainly no burps in this farting video.

Also I would like to say Clips4Sale’s search has turned shitty because I could usually reliably find burpjob content by using terms together like “burp cock” but now the engine has lost its sense of intuition and instead found any old video description where those two words occur in the text. Fix it C4S back to what it was, for the good of mankind!

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Additionally, some people STILL don’t get that anything burping related has no business being seen with SFW descriptions/tags but particularly with videos like this. Because yes MissFreudianSlit, we’d love to be sitting at our desks and openly blasting out a burping JOI video with no regard to what our coworkers might think, right? That sounds Safe For Work, eh?

Looks like a fucking hot video, though, and that means it’s purely for the privacy of one’s home.

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Calm down dude. I think that you probably have figured out that SFW is subjective especially on a porn website. It just means that no private areas are being revealed dude. You are on fucking Manyvids, I think any video on that platform would get you called into HR


Why not watch the whole video before you complain?

Dude you’re on a porn site. I don’t think you’d want to be caught watching burping videos on Youtube or Tiktok at work either, so what exactly are you looking for here?

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I don’t wanna buy a video with farts. So I don’t need to see it when I search for burping videos. And the tags should be savvy to that. It’s good marketing if so. Bad marketing if not so.

I’m lucky because I can watch whatever I want in my workplace, nobody is checking up on me, but it’s the principle of the thing. @kiokiohh was off base, too. If the producer wants to tell us there’s no nudity, use tags for that. Don’t be silly and call it SFW when there’s no way anything one would masturbate to could ever be SFW, not anything to do with oh IDK a gas kink anyway. Also, actually in point of fact MV and OF do have vids/channels which have nothing to do with porn, e.g. gym instruction videos. Those would certainly be SFW.

Dont use this argument dude. Cause you say it like people are signing up to these websites in masses and spending so money on subscriptions to watch cooking or gym instruction vids.I understand that its a bit stupid that sexual content is labelled sfw if the actor has clothes on and isnt showing any sexual regions of the body, but again its subjective and it’s really a label focused on the relative sexual nature of the content rather than its application to the acronym. But then again, you are on website where around 65% of the content is porn or of the sexual nature, unless you are proving your age over 18 and paying money to watch someone bake a chocolate fondant I don’t think you have a problem.

Hi there, thanks for the compliment. It’s one of my favorites of the newest bunch, so I’m glad you like the preview. Just so you know, when we upload, its specifically asks:



hope this helps you understand the porn website you’re browsing!


Thank you. Sorry if my comment mentioning you above came off as a little snarky. And welcome to the forum! Love your content.

However I don’t follow with that rationale they give. Even stuff nominally SFW (“nominally” as in by their definition) being used for mainstream marketing would still direct people to the content creator’s porn, right? Can someone please explain this like I’m five (probably the first time I’ve had to request that, heh).

the way a lot of porn/clip websites work - like Niteflirt, in my experience, so this probably applies to ManyVids too - is that credit card processors won’t work with you if you can see pussy, boobs, asshole, and dick immediately. If your website is able to be viewed without an account with a linked credit card (a way of verifying age), then it’s able to be viewed by children. Say a 16yo visits MV. he’ll see cleavage and sexually suggestive things, but no outright nudity. That’s what CC processors care about.


I can see that (I know that some extreme fetishes have trouble being sold on various platforms because of the payment processors) but I still don’t think the verbiage works. As I say, SFW carries a self-evident implication that it would be socially acceptable or acceptable according to the workplace standards for someone to watch such a video at their desk, but we all know it would definitely not be. It’s not even Safe For House unless the other occupants are over age and likewise sexually open and non-judgemental - I always have to jerk off with headphones on, no exceptions (except if it’s muted or I’m looking at still images, but hey that’s not as fun). So MV and similar platforms should change the terminology to “no nudity” or “nudity”. Because “acceptable for children” would also not work because you wouldn’t want the platform to encourage the kids to jerk off to videos made by clothed people.

But hey MV STILL won’t let me buy a video, I believe just because I moved countries and they see that as a red flag, so a lot of their corporate decisions are dubious.

Sometimes the meanings of words or phrases drift and that’s okay (even if it’s annoying sometimes). It’s kind of like how everything is a “challenge” on Tiktok, where “challenge” actually just means “trend”.

At some point SFW might actually have meant what it literally spells out, but nowadays NSFW is very often (not always) just shorthand for “contains nudity”, and so SFW is just the opposite of that.