The Great Debate: Sade vs. Magenta

Who do you think has the better burps? I’m not asking for a comparison of looks or pricing, just ability.

I think it would be me but I’m biased AF :stuck_out_tongue:


I second this


From someone who has had the opportunity to talk To both at length, I can say Magenta would win hands down. Sade is incredible, and I’d pay serious money for a duel, but I’m 99% sure Kim would win. Plus Sade can inhale but can’t force it back out immediately. Kim has incredible control over her belches. Fight me if you disagree. Hahaha

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I might already have it, but could somebody recommend the video that they think features Magenta’s largest burps (in terms of maximal volume and length, with a low volume-to-length ratio)?

When I created this thread I was going to say Magenta.

Then I watched one of her videos alongside Sade’s “OJ Chuggin” (which Shizz has already mentioned).

Although I think that in a live, unscripted contest, Magenta would smack Sade around, simply by being able to produce far more belches, I was totally unprepared for just how brutally Sade dominated when she let out her burps in that video. It was utter devastation. And that’s saying something, because Magenta is inhumanly talented.

So, on average, I would give it to Magenta. But at their pinnacle, I would give it to Sade by a considerable margin. But perhaps I’m watching the wrong Magenta videos.


Magentas inhale is one of her most appealing traits.


You guys both reached the same conclusion that first popped into my head. Kim is far more consistent than Sade in producing huge belches and has improved over time on her already insane talent. I think 75% of the time or just on an average day…it’s Kim no questions asked. But as far as “maxing out” I think Sade takes the cake when she’s on her A game…she’s almost not human in letting out these freakish belches that are long, loud and full volume…

Love the both of them, they’re the queens at the top of the mountain no question.


I just did my first decibel reader video so. We’ll see… :stuck_out_tongue:


Oof this really happened. Lol

I think everyone probably knows that I’m Magenta’s biggest fan and we are all entitled to our own opinions, but I feel like Magenta’s tone and length destroys Sade. In terms of volume, I think one of us should send Sade the same decibel reader and we can find out! My money is on Kim.

I don’t know whether Sade can ever recreate the burps from OJ Chuggin, but I strongly believe those burps would be louder.


Best video I’ve ever seen…it’s absolutely ridiculous


All I ever heard is Kim so I got to give it to her for now

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A year ago I’d have said Sade without batting an eye…but Kim has delivered some absolute knockers in terms of custom content for me. Insanely intimidating, deep, monstrous belches. At the same time, Sade’s OJ vid and burptalking…then again, Kim is a beast at burptalking also! I agree, skill wise it’s Kim no question… however Sade at her peak performance is a behemoth. I’d love to see this matchup whenever Sade returns, and would even help fund it. :star_struck:


Dude I think this is a great idea. If some of us can pool our money and have them set up an Instagram contest, I would totally be down that. I sent Kim a decibel reader… if someone is close with Sade and can send her the same model (it was $20) I think that would also help. Personally, I think a contest between them would blow Juliana and Isabelle out of the water (I know some of you call blasphemy lol) but I truly feel that way. I actually think it’s super cool that we have two females totally open to the forums who are master belchers. But like I said before, after talking to both of them, my money is on Kim.

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This is my imagining of what Juliana vs Isabelle would look like relative to Magenta vs Sade.


Remember that the GBWR criteria states that the decibel reader must be 10 feet (I think?) away.

I respect your opinion here. I think Magenta could max out the decibel reader (130) if she really tried. But imho her belches have so much better tone. Couple that with her personality and it’s a win/win.

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I guess this debate comes down to whether @Theshizz and @Soaringeagle would win a fight to the death.