tips for decluttering unsure clips and make a clear way for editing a comp

Hi. I know it’s a bit technical but I’m editing a comp and I have over 400 burp clips and a lot of them are really bad and I don’t want to keep them but the problem is I hoarder them and can’t manage to let them go. I say that they are too rare or stuff like that. So do you have an idea how can get over this and declutter certain uncertain burp clips and choosing the right clip to put in the comp, so I won’t waste more time.

I guess you would have to just go through them one by one since it’s subjective what makes a clip good or not. Maybe you could have subfolders sorted by how good a clip is?

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When you say a lot of them are “really bad”, do you mean the quality of the burp or the quality of the video itself?

A lot of my super old content is probably very poor visually, but back then it would have been considered gold! Standards have increased since then, so I’d say I’d be deleting a lot of stuff if I went back through the vault now with a 2024 mindset.

As Q suggested, you could simply create a separate folder for less than ideal videos that you just don’t want to part with. But I can see myself doing some sort of massive cull if I ever decided to tackle the older vids… Would just be a heck of a lot of work!

i mean it’s either
very bad quality or
just not the right setup…

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I recommend applying a budget to your work, in this case, time. Limit the compilation to, say 5 minutes, with the promise that those cut might be in a later compilation.

I mean, don’t you do the same any time you are choosing what to watch or buy ? I can’t buy everything that I want, so I have to just cull things for later, even if I’ve made the same promise twenty or one hundred times that ‘I’ll get to that one’.

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