Told my GF about the kink

Long story short, I just kind of brought up I would tell them soon. So the next time we smoked, I had been given a xanax and well, that took away any mental blockage for me bc i’d never told any of my exes that i’m into burping. After that all she said was that, “now we can actually ‘try it’”! Well, she could. LOL! Luckily my girl has acid reflux and a range of other things that make her burp A LOT. Just the other day me and her were at the store and she went to look for something carbonated. She burps so loud around other people now and kind of laughs when i even smile at her, LOL!, which still kind of embarrasses me but the only thing that matters is they know :slight_smile: So please, TELL UR GFS! Thank you and have a good day.


Good shit!! I’m so excited for you, enjoy the ride!


Ive legit been saying this all along!!! Tell your partner! Most people in a happy relationship will hear you out and i truly believe most partners are going to be like “oh thats it? I got chu”
I think when you hide it, it becomes more problematic, just my humble opinion!!! :kissing_heart:


Not trying to step on your toes fam, thanks for sharing your story, i’m glad it went well and it inspired me to share mine. it just so happens that I told mine for the first time last weekend. We’re talking about getting engaged and she said she wants no secrets between us so I thought well… there is this one big secret i’ve been keeping, if she really is the one then I ought to tell her and see. I said that I had been embarrassed and ashamed of this kink my whole life and it’s really hard for me to talk about and the first thing she said was “I don’t judge you or think any less of you” and she thought it was really romantic that I told her this secret that only a couple other people on earth know.

She burps a ton already and casually, she said she’d like to talk about how I might want to incorporate it into sex but honestly a part of me wants to keep it out of the bedroom and just have burps be a casual thing, but that’s just me. The only weird thing is that her family burps a lot too and I’m afraid that this’ll be on her mind when her mom or aunt burp around us… but overall it went really well and her reaction gave me even more confidence that she’s the one


Congratulations! :partying_face: