Twisted Films - high qualigh eating, stuffing, chugging, and burping videos

Hey everyone, we recently launched and would love for you guys to check it out and would love to hear some feedback! We recently released some high quality videos with hot burps and chugging from a beer helmet/funnel and stuffing too

Feel free to also check out and follow our content on twitter @twistedfilms4


You would probably get more traction using a popular third party side like OF or Clips4sale. Hard to trust a tiny website with 3 clips. Best of luck!

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True that’s a good point. Yeah I’m hoping as I start to get more followers on Twitter and get more content and edits made on the website, it will help to build more credibility. Third party sites are useful too, but are more for individual people but there are some benefits to having your own “brand”/website. But yeah trust and credibility are definitely important.

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but hot clips!

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I would pay a lot for men that can burp. But very few men are able to do it… By burp I mean, suck in the air without use of drinks and belt out wall shaking burps on command. Those men are extremely rare to come across.


Thanks I appreciate it! We are just getting started, many more coming soon (also with more models)

Wow yeah that’s definitely more rare but I see what you mean. Twisted Films is more focused on making high quality videos but yeah we strive for the best burp content we can get!

Well, if you ever find a man with that unique talent, please hit me up :stuck_out_tongue:

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