- automatically find burps in videos

What it is finds burps (and a bunch of other random sounds) in videos on youtube-like websites.

Currently youtube videos, twitch past broadcasts, and facebook videos are supported, with plans to support other sites in the future.

How it works is it analyses the video and finds the parts most likely to contain burping. Then you can play back the video and it will automatically skip through the clips, playing back the parts that might be a burp.

How to use
After making an account and subscribing, you’ll be brought to a page where you can submit URLs for scanning.

Video URLs:
Add one or more URLs separated by spaces or new lines. When you’re ready, click submit to start processing. Each video will take a few minutes to process, about 10-20 on average but sometimes a bit longer. Refresh the page to check processing status. When the status shows ‘ready’, you can click the link and watch the video. If the video shows ‘error’, the video might have been deleted from youtube/twitch, or it might not be publicly accessible.

Playlist URLs:
A playlist can either be a youtube playlist, a youtube channel URL or a twitch channel URL. Adding a playlist will automatically add the specified number of videos to your list in playlist order, or chronological order for channel URLs.

You can store up to 100 videos in your list, after which the oldest videos will be deleted as you add new ones.

You can control how much of a video will be played back to you ranging from 1% - 30% of the length of the video. The accuracy is approximately: At 1% of the video you’ll find about 50% of the burps. 5% of the video finds 70% of burps. 15% of the video finds 80% of burps, 30% of the video will find more than 90% of burps. Basically, choose a lower value if you want to get through the video quickly, while a higher value will be more likely to find more burps.

A subscription to costs $8 per month. You can cancel at any time, and if you cancel you’ll still be able to use the site for as many days as you have remaining. If you’ve never used before and would like to check it out first, send me a message and I’ll give you a couple of days free trial.

Privacy, security, and other concerns uses Stripe for payment processing. If you haven’t heard of Stripe before, it’s something similar to PayPal. They are widely used and you can trust them with your data. is a SFW sound detection site and won’t ever be anything else. You’ll never be sent any emails or etc about sexuality or fetishes. It is a separate site entirely from bfforums.
If you choose to subscribe, the subscription will appear on your bank statement as ‘VS media processing’.
You can check Stripe’s privacy policy when subscribing. On the videoscan server, only your email is saved which is only used to reset your password.

Paying with crypto
If you still want more anonymity, you can pay with crypto too. Send me a message and we’ll set it up, or if you’re new to crypto I can show you how it works.

I’m usually happy to give a refund if there’s any problem. Send me a message if so and we’ll sort it out.

Bugs and feature requests
New features will continually be added for as long as people find the site useful. If you run into a bug or have an idea for a feature, feel free to send me a message or post it in this thread.

How does really work?
For the sake of transparency: If you know a bit about computers and programming, you might be able to set something up for yourself rather than using videoscan. I would argue that it’s more time efficient to use my site (that’s my sales pitch) but if you want to try yourself, here are a few links to some programs and libraries: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7



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When i try to put in a twitch link it says “site not supported”

Could you show which twitch link?

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Messaged you

Greeted with this when clicking the link


Same here

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It’s back up.

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Fixed where m.twitch links weren’t being accepted.

Just thought I should say, I really appreciate your work man. Making it much easier to find burps, I’ve found some really good burps that I wouldn’t have found without this website.


Thanks. I’m glad you find it useful.

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Hey Q, wow, just wow, that is a brilliant tool - thank you so much! I will gladly pay for the subscription once it stops being free.

I was wondering if submitting singular videos will be the only option the tool offers? I have no idea how much work it would require, but I was thinking of a functionality that allows you to submit, let’s say, a tiktok profile and it would detect tiktoks with burps posted by that account? I imagine it would be too much of a request for a whole YouTube or twitch channel, so I just thought of something more realistic like tiktok.

No worries if that’s not something you’re interested in developing, just a random idea! I am still super happy this tool exists, technology can be amazing haha. Excited to see where you go with it.

Edit: Also, could you explain how the “% of video” works? Does it simply make the clips longer so you can get more context of the burps instead of just rapid fire burps, if that’s the viewer’s preference?


I’m not sure how you want it to work, but maybe have it to where you can post the channel link, then it shows all of the videos on said channel and you can select the videos you want to run through the burp detector.

it will make it a bit more convenient selecting videos.

My request is pulling videos from IG, but I’m sure that may be a bit of a challenge how IG works.

Thanks, @calfas, I’m happy you like it.

The percent is what percent of the video is played back. At 1% it’ll find about half the burps in a video and at 20% it’ll find about 9 out of 10 of them. The default is set at 5% which finds about 3/4 of them. So it should be set higher if you want to catch as many burps as possible, and lower if you don’t mind missing a few but want to get through the video as quickly as possible.

It would actually not be too hard to automatically collect all the videos from a youtube or twitch profile. Other sites like tiktok or instagram would be more difficult though since they don’t have good embedded video players. But one thing you could do is download them and then upload as unlisted youtube videos. (maybe not on your main account, I’m not sure how strict youtube is about that kind of stuff). But I’ll have to think about the best way to do that.


Very impressive work. Is there a way to manually delete links that we’ve uploaded to clean up clutter and avoid potential traffic issues(maybe there already is and I just dont know how lol).

Ahhh so the % is the sensitivity level essentially. That’s awesome.

And you’re right about downloading all the tiktok/instagram videos and uploading them as one long YouTube video, that could potentially work. I know there is a chrome extension to download all media from a twitter account, so potentially there could be some for tiktok and Instagram too, but yeah generally it’s quite tricky.

Anyway thanks again for this, I’m still so impressed that this even exists. Brilliant.

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After 100 videos in your account, the oldest ones will start to be deleted. A manual delete button would be easy enough to add though if that’s useful for people.

Oh I see. I wondered if it had a limit. Yeah a manual deletion button would be super convenient so we can automatically get rid of vids that don’t contain burps and such.

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yeah i figured sites like IG would be a bit harder, downloading and uploading to YT could be an option.

Another good option is having a marker of sorts where burps are present. SO if yuou were to go back to the video, you will have timestamps or marks where you heard a burp.

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Yeah, there could maybe be a button to mark the location in the video that you could press.