What's the market for cosplay burps?

Just curious. Is this something people would be into? I’ve come up with some ideas for some kind of risqué cosplay burping vids I thought might be fun. What do you all think? And if so, anyone specific that people would want?


I would say it’s not a market that hasn’t really been tapped into so you would be unique doing it. I would say people would be very interested in someone burping in cosplay

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I think that is an untapped goldmine for some people lol

Definitely here for this, maybe like a sailor moon or harley quinn

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This looks hot and all but 50$??? Idk about all that…

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I can’t afford that but it is 41 minutes long, so that’s still less than $2 a minute. Not a crazy price for what you get.

I would like to see a good 02 cosplay burping super loud.

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I would like it but vids like that usually go for a lot since you have to consider the expenses that get put into making a cosplay outfit in the first place.

I would love there to be more just to make some fantasies come true.

I remember finding a cosplayer who did that but in an alternative version, but I don’t know how good it is

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