24F looking for someone willing to burp for me (kik/sc)

Hiya! I’m looking for someone to trade with me. I’m pansexual, I love a range of sounds. I unfortunately can’t burp in return but I can trade pics of myself! I have a bit of an OF following~

Just so you have an idea, I’m cis, 6ft, glasses, wolfcut black hair, thin, and have a cups.

Kik: sodaisle

(We can do snapchat, just kik first so I don’t send the entire forum my SC😅)


Sent ya a message on kik I def got you

I have send you a kik

I’m back :weary: Still haven’t mastered the craft of burping myself, but I’m still down to trade my pics for audios and videos~

Kik is still sodaisle. SC info is still fine to trade if we get something going… politely, y’all underestimate how many men are looking for women into this. If it’s like last time, I can’t send every person my SC to the point that it’ll make my phone go off all the time… so if I could get a preview with your first message please? :sob::woozy_face:

If nothing else, my kik pfp and banner give you an idea of what you’re working with~


I added you on Kik. I’m down to exchange with ya.