A Genuine 21 y/o guy looking for a girl to burp with

Hey there! My name is Jon. Some of my closest friends would consider me kind and considerate. Unfortunately, I was cursed with this fetish since I was in my early teens. I’m just looking for someone to talk to above this. There’s someone I’d love to burp for me, and I’m willing to pay them, but she’s skeptical. Regardless I’m more available on the platform, Discord.

I’m always willing to get to know whoever I interact with as a friend! I’m just tired of not being able to find someone who likes to or will burp.

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Why cursed? Hopefully you’ll see this fetish with different eyes in future years, or you can abandon it and pretend that doesn’t exist…
Btw, sorry for running away from the post perspective, feel free to delete this comment.

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Hey! It’s no worries! I don’t mind the reply. I guess “cursed” was a bit far fetched. I said that because it’s just super difficult to find any girl to burp with or for me, AND for them to not find it to be so weird. It’s not that I don’t like having the burp fetish though.


I don’t often share content myself but feel free to reach out here or on kik. I’m a girl 19 btw

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