A little help with burp length?

I typically use gulping to swallow my air but they always come out in in small urps! I eventually get a decent burp from all my failed attempts building pressure in my stomach, but how do I become more consistent at bigger burps? Thanks!

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I am horrendous at explaining so i apologize if this doesnt make any sense what i do for my burping strategy is a gulp air in and when it feels like it is coming up i stop inhaling until it goes back down and repeat this for like 2-5 minutes and then just wait until i feel it come up my throat naturally and dont force it and it usually results in a pretty decent burp


i tried to do it like you said but I must be doing something wrong. I end up doing these really vomit-y burps

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Hmmm im sorry if my method didnt work i dont really know how else to help