A single burp is not enough

Just wondering if anyone else feels the same way, so when I watch a video and there’s a really hot burp in it; I feel like I have to watch it on a loop in order to get off too it. I know for me personally I prefer to watch compilations of burps rather than a burp every few mins. For me it has to be constant burps back to back or else it’s not as arousing to hear a really hot burp and then have to wait several mins for the next one. If its a single burp it has to be a really hot loud long burp or a bunch of loud burps in row.


I agree

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I am turned on a hundred times more when I know a guy can burp anytime he wants all day long. A single burp with no on command air gukping ot inhalinng does almost nothing for me.

Yeah, if it’s a good one, that’s foreplay at best. If it’s not even good… it’s nothing.


Agree. I always view continuous burp videos/compilations to get me off. Just BURP after delicious BUUUUUUURRRRP and showing a huge, stuffed belly the whole time. I like what I like lol.