Any girls here that get turned on by men burping?

I’m a 20 y/o guy and I’m pretty decent at burping. I really want to find a girl who’s as into this fetish as I am. If there are any girls on here looking for burp vids (preferably ones who can send burps back) please let me know and I can give u my info

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Great question… I’ve been wondering also

I could be wrong, and I don’t have a problem with being wrong sometimes, but I feel like there are very few on here. I mean like less than 10%… don’t get me wrong, there are females out there that get turned on by it but as far as this form is concerned, I don’t think they have discovered it yet. The females on here could take it or leave it it doesn’t excite them like it does us

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I feel like you’re probably right about that. Also, simply based on my own preconceived notions and no data other than my own experiences, I feel like it’s much less stigmatized for a woman to mention her kinks in person and get a guy to cooperate than the other way around. Obviously not true every time, but I feel like that’s the general rule.

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I was only fortunate enough to have one female who did actually fit the agenda. As a matter of fact I met her on YouTube in the comment section lol. I replied to one of her comments on a burping video ( saying she wishes she could burp loudly like the female in the video) I told her with practice, she’d get there. The next thing you know… I’m giving her my number and we had like a year and a half friendship from that. She used to love for me to send her burping audios and she also got turned on by her burps as well. She would tell me how wet she was from me burping for her. She was always a broke gal so every now and then I would send her money to buy her a pizza and a soda and to show her appreciation she used to send me a bunch of burping audios. But she just disappeared all of a sudden and I know nothing happened to her because she liked my comment on a tiktok video so to hell with her LOL.

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I disagree, generally just tends to be a case by case basis all around. Many men are fairly judgemental and harsh with women


Just putting this here to say, yes there are definitely, and I’m one. I absolutely love love love it when guys burp. I get super excited about it! I love it so much, I’m slightly addicted to it ha, it fills me with joyy. I get so giddy just thinking about it, I really like the sound a lot, yeah.

Edit: Pls, don’t message me to burp or trade. Thanks for the offer, but this post is not an invite


I like you lol


Loud belcher here you wanna talk?

No thank u, thanks for the offer though.

I am a girl and I get very turned on by men burping. Women too. I don’t share vids but I can always appreciate a nice belch.


I am a female who gets turned on by people of any gender burping! I am in a committed relationship (with someone who is amazing and indulges my kinks all the time), so I’m not interested in trading. I did want to let you know that we exist and I hope you find someone willing to trade! You’ll find your person❤️