Any relatively innocuous figures of speech (about burping) that get you going inadvertently?

As language, pop culture, and colloquialism evolves, we get more and more types of phrases to refer to various concepts. Have you ever heard a particular description of burping that is civilian in nature and generally innocent, but you find…kinda hot?

Mine was always the expression “[burps/belches] like a trucker”. Something about that is just so attractive to me, cause I guess it kind of creates a stereotype of gross truck drivers? I suppose I’m guilty of incorporating that archetype into my fantasies from time to time…


I’m on the same page with you with this! While I’m not usually interested in bellies, gainers, stuffing etc., one time someone commented that I “belch like a trucker” and something just clicked in me.

I guess I associated the concept of a belching trucker with power, imposition/dominance, manliness, and just being rude or confident enough to let rip to my heart’s content. In that context, I discovered I could really get into the occasional fantasy of being a rude burping trucker with a big gut formed not out of a poor diet, but just out of all the gas I’ve charged myself up with at the time.


Dude, you look so hot in those pics especially wearing tank tops :eyes: any videos? ;p


Thanks :blush: I often find tanktops to be better than going shirtless. Besides the vibe they give, having the belly be outlined/stretched against the fabric really seems to emphasize its size :grin:

As for vids:

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