Anyone else miss audio recordings?

I don’t know if anyone feels the same, but sometimes just listening to burps in audio form is better for me, I like imagining the situation and who’s burping without seeing it. Nowadays pretty much every new content shared is in video form. To this day I still listen to some of the stuff from the oldschool guys vs. girls burping contest website. Just reading the description and then listening to the audio hits different


I like video to conform with certainty that a burger is 18 or over, but nothing beats a nice long video of air gulping, inhales, and belches.


Remember all the yahoo chat recordings? Ahhh those were the days. I will also mention I miss the yahoo groups, wish they had all gotten archived


That’s a great point regarding age. Still miss vocaroos!


If you like audio clips of burpng, I’ll put you on to a site I’ve been getting on for about 4 years called Look out for the bios that have ( taboo, or fetish ) mentioned in them. For some reason the majority of females on there are more willing to do audio than video recordings… although I have had some custom videos made.

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