Anyone not into VTuber/Furry content

I know its super popular, feel like I’m seeing it crop up everywhere. The burps are usually pretty great but everything else is just slightly off putting to me.

I think my big problem is that you can’t really see the person face which I know is the whole point but it kind of doesn’t help me picture the person who’s doing it. I’ve enjoyed hearing burps with no video and just audio if the burps are good enough.

But seeing someone with an avatar or a fursuit just doesn’t do as much tbh. No offense to anyone who is into it.


I feel the same way. But if they take the masks off one stream and belch, I can get attracted to all of their previous videos with the vtuber or mask on. I just need to see like one video of them actually doing it.


Same. Not my thing. I wanna see their face not some fake thing


I totally understand your point, for me the idea of ​​a character that has characteristics that I find attractive is interesting. There are furrys whose burps I don’t enjoy, but the funny thing is that you can customize the character to be how you like it and that way you enjoy the burps anyway.

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I feel pretty much the same way, but Ames(mel nekomata) and Mugi are two that even without seeing their face I enjoy just as much as my usual favorites.

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Yep not a fan. It helps if I know how the person looks but even then i still kind of need to see the actual face of the person while they’re burping to get the full effect. One thing I really hate is when streamers who frequently burp and originally showed their face on stream become full fledged V-tubers and stop showing their face on stream altogether(seen it happen a few times).


I’ll never knock it existing, that’s fine and all it’s cool people like that but my god has it taken over lately. I’m much more attracted to seeing real people burping, now a lot of content is VR based or role play as opposed to actual videos of people burping and I’ve come to resent that (but still won’t hold it against anyone)

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I will say this, some of the guys doing this type of content let out monster burps. And I don’t think they would be doing it unless they had this avenue to do it. So, from that perspective, this content is kind of nice.

For example, in real life video Bleusomme is not that great at burping. He muffles them, shortens them, and looks extremely uncomfortable doing it. But put him behind his VR avatar, and he let’s loose like a monster, pumping out massive 4 second loud ones on command. I think the face cover lets some shy guys with natural burping talent unload.