Audio and video editing questions and tips

Hi, I had a couple of questions about cam recording and editing.

  1. How could I fix crackly/ borging audio like this? Is there a way to “smooth out” the audio? If so, in what programs could I do this? I use Movavi video editor, but have some working knowledge of After Effects and Premiere Pro
    123.66 MB file on MEGA

  2. When it comes to editing, is there a style that people generally like?
    I’ve seen stuff from ditto and the various yt comps and others on the forum. I’ve seen some with music, themes, and what not but I’m not sure how to edit since some of the sessions have other types of play (twerking, bouncing, etc.). Do y’all think it’s better to cut directly to burps or let the video play out?

Context (if you feel like reading) :
I’ve been getting cams for a few years and have seen a couple of other drive sales here so I’m thinking of throwing my hat in the ring. I haven’t used the best software so some of my older videos have crackly audio and I have to stitch the videos together later, since my old software used to only record 5 minutes at a time. The one I’m currently using lets me record for a lot longer but I have to draw the frame around the video, and sometimes acts up (occassionally making me miss recording streams like a soda chugging one with Joslinwillis :sob:) I’m working on a cam drive and making an asian bbw megamix with some cam models, some youtubers, some feedees, etc. So far it’s over 30 minutes!

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As far as I know there’s not really a way to repair or improve the audio besides adjusting the volumes. If it’s too messed up I usually will just not use it. But even if it’s not the best quality it’s still worth comping if they’re good burps.

For editing I usually like to allow a few seconds in between burps and switch up the tempo throughout. Especially if the burps sound similar, it’s good to switch up the tempo, sometimes faster or slower so it doesn’t get too repetitive. And I’ll allow some room for context or other stuff if possible. Like if the girl is talking about being gassy or just a little casual talking to get an idea of their personality. With twerking/bouncing I like to show that for a while but not too long because the main point of the video is the burps.

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Thanks for this, what programs do you usually use to edit?

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Only Sony Vegas 17. It’s easy to crack and get a free version of it.

Have you thought about switching to Davinci? The free version is pretty packed and the software looks to be here for the long haul.

You could play around with Audacity. There are options to normalize the audio and try to even it out. I don’t know if this could work but also removing the background noise might make it sound better.

-first convert the video into an audio file

-open it in audacity and then highlight a section of the audio where there’s no talking and she’s not making any noise - all you need is a couple seconds.

-go to Effect → Noise Removal and Repair → Noise Reduction → click on Get Noise Profile. This takes the highlighted section and now knows that this is the background you want to remove.

-now, highlight the ENITRE audio, go back to the Noise Reduction window, and then click “OK”. You can play around with how much of the background noise you want to remove but I usually like to start with the default

-when it sounds as good as you can get it, go to whatever video editor you use, remove the audio from the video, and replace it with the edited audio you just created

One drawback of removing the background noise is that you can potentially run the risk of making her voice and burps sound metallic, since it could remove the “umph” of someone’s voice, but it could also help with the crackling.

If that doesn’t work, try Normalize under Effect and then Volume and Compression.


I tried to use Davinci but I believe it had a watermark whenever I rendered videos. I didn’t know how to remove it without buying the full version so I switched back to Vegas.

Please don’t say that my guy, free software is one thing but Windows is just so prone to viruses, nobody wants to do anything to make that door open wider.

I like Kdenlive for video and Audacity for audio, both free and open source software. And they have easy downloads from their official sites which users can trust not to invite malware onto their systems.

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  1. No idea how to fix this type of audio. The most I did was to copy channels when one of them had a lower volume compared to the other one. Probably best to download streams instead of screen recording them whenever you can since you don’t run into this sort of issue as much.

  2. I personally prefer this editing style where you have a supercut at the beginning of the comp with fast paced burps mixed with a few hot moments/ speech segments from the streams (but not too many/ too long to avoid breaking pace). As for the rest of the comp, I like to add literally anything I find attractive (burping, chugging, eating, dancing, stories, statements etc) + include something funny at the end. It’s a bit more time consuming to make compared to your standard burping comp and I mostly comp stuff to save space on my drive, so most of them don’t end up like this.

I also made a few comps in the past where I added right and left looped clips to each side of the comp where the person in it was twerking/ dancing/ being hot in general, but they’re a bit too cringy for me now.

What I use:

Shorcut - for editing
Handbrake - to compress vids while keeping the same audio quality
yt-dlp & ffmpeg - to download/ clip stuff

Thank you all for the tips and advice. I am trying Audacity for the audio fix. I’ll probably upload it once I am able to fix it.