Becoming a member

Does anyone know how to become a member and get into the members-only area?

If you use the site regularly for a couple of weeks you’ll get promoted. It’s a new category so there’s not much to see in there yet though.


can people create their own media topics to share content?

Yeah, anything that requires a bit more privacy.

Thank you Q for your help :grin:

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Hey Q i’ve been using the site regularly but I still haven’t been promoted to member as far as I know. Do you know of any solution to this?

You’re a member now. Check your badges: Profile - Samj300904 - BF Forums

Hey Q,

Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile: i’m guessing nothing’s been posted in the members only section then, because thats what I was basing it off. Is anyone else seeing anything there?

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Yeah it’s still empty. I might delete it tbh if it doesn’t get used.