Belly/gas fetishist dude looking to exchange snapchats with other dudes

Figured that if I post this in the snapchat thread, I might as well post here as well.

Anyway, what’s up, I’m a 21 year old guy very much into bellies and gas. Actually started as a belly fetishist and found out I had a gas (both burps and farts) fetish through that recently. Basically I’m looking for other dudes around my age who are into these things who might be interested in talking or sharing pics and vids. My snapchat is @teenbellyguy (made when I was 16 and wasn’t considering the longevity of that account at all) so if you fit the above categories feel free to add me.


Have a bump, since all of the above still stands and I’d still like to meet other dudes around my age who are into this sort of stuff.

Bump again! Let’s talk about/trade content pertaining to bellies and gas if you’re interested

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Check out my for samples :sunglasses:

If you’d ever wanna talk some time I’d be down. Dunno if I’d be what you’re lookin’ for but still!

since have changed my snapchat name to pnwinflationist. if you’re into huge gassy bellies or just plain gas, feel free to hmu and add me (bonus points if you also swell your belly and/or are gassy)

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bi-annual bump, dudes into bellies and gas hmuuuu (bonus if you expand your belly and/or share your gas yourself)

bump once again, guys into gassy guts that can swell huge hit me upppp (bonus if you have one yourself)