Body hair

I’m new on here and I wanted to ask
Are you turned on by body hair?
And if yes, hair on which body part? (could be any place from head to toe)

Chest hair mainly

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I love body hair.

To be fully honest, the hairier, the marrier on my book. However, if I have to choose, then chest, legs and pits.

How about you? Do you have any preference?


Body hair is a huge preference of mine. Hairless or fully waxed men just don’t do it for me the way hairy men do. I love it when men are hairy all over, but some cases are better than others, like I really only enjoy hairy backs on men who are pretty muscular, otherwise it looks a bit odd on thinner men. But my #1 love will forever be some nice thick chest hair, especially on a muscular man. It just makes bulky men look both very manly and very soft and fuzzy.