Burp smells

How would you describe the smell of burps if you’ve ever had your partner burp for you, burp in your face or share this kink someone.
Would you say there’s a difference in smell/feel in stuffed burps, those on command and those with the help of soda?


I’ve smelled three or four female burps in my lifetime. My coworker Christina, and my friend’s sister Patricia… Their burps smelled like cold cuts or hot dogs. But this one dominatrix that I paid to work for me one time, hers smelled kind of sweet. I guess it was because she was chugging Sprite in order to produce the burps for me.


I’ve smelled about 3 or 4 burps from a woman and one smelled like onions and salad, another woman’s smelled like coke mixed with something she ate. I was also at a crowded ass house party once and this white girl who was right next to me did a loud closed mouth belch and blew it out the right side of her mouth and it smelled like coronas and seltzer like trulys


With my girl, hers are always the strongest when they come out naturally, and definitely when shes finished a meal. No exaggeration, i smell them all the time. Theyre either small in odor or they REEK, not really much of an in between. Chicken, sandwiches, burgers, chili dogs, pretty much anything meaty will make them pretty overpowering (especially chicken or chili dogs)…pizza and Mexican do it every time. Not only do her burps usually smell strong on a regular basis, they usually linger. I dont complain tho because unlike a lot of ppl, the smell turns me on. She knows about my kink so she burps in my face often.


I’ve had a few people burp either in my face or near enough that I could smell them. The girl that got me into burping had these loud smelly burps, if you were standing near her you’d get a good whiff. At school I would purposefully sit next to her at lunchtime and they’d usually have a strong oniony or meaty smell depending what crisps she happened to have. Other girls in our group complained of how they smelled as well.
Once we were older and could go out she would have these gassy beer belches that would either smell of what she’d been drinking or if she’d had a takeaway or something before then they would be absolutely vile. If you were next to her in the club you’d often smell the belch even if you didn’t always hear it over the music.

My ex could make herself burp and she’d sometimes burp in my face on purpose to try and annoy me. Little did she know it didn’t work lol. Those burps didn’t usually smell unless she’d literally just eaten something. But she would also lie back on me, her head on my shoulder after eating and I would rub her belly. She complained it made her burp but liked the belly rubs (she even started putting my hand on her belly if it wasn’t already). Those burps usually stank, especially if we’d had a takeaway or a pizza or something. Not sure if she realised I could smell them but I’d compliment them if it was a loud one which encouraged her.

Finally my exes mum was a burper. She had those stereotypical loud sudden mum burps that could come out of nowhere. When I started dating my ex, her mum would try to hold ger gas in (unsuccesfully). After meals my ex’s younger brother would sometimes lie on the sofa on his mums lap and then loudly complain of the smell of her burps. She kept doing closed mouth ones. The best time I got to smell them was when I spent Christmas there. I was helping dry the dishes, she was washing them and we were both drinking champagne. That always gave her tons of gas and she was belching loudly every few mins. I was basically in a cloud of her burps the whole time, they were these gassy meaty smelling xmas dinner burps and I was horny the whole time. We were both tipsy and I made a comment about the champagne being gassy, she replied about not being able to take a sip without belching. I was burping too just to kind of encourage her (not that she needed it). Mine must have smelled the same but she never commented so basically we were standing inhaling each others burps for 30 mins or so.


Thanks for the details you shared, enjoyed reading every bit of it!
The last scenario was definitely a trip to remember :wink:

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I love that you shared that part of you with someone you love and trust. There’s nothing more important than having a partner who understands this kink/fetish and is willing to make you happy. Treasure that! :slight_smile:


Been thinking of doing something like that sometime. How do you get around to explaining you want to be burped on rather than normally sexual stuff?

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Well with this particular female I discovered her through a mutual friend. I saw her on my friend’s friends list… And clicked on her profile. I saw that she was into working in dungeons and all that fun dominating stuff. I inboxed her and asked her was she able to burp. She told me if she drank a carbonated drink she would be able to. I brought up the scenario about her restraining me and burping in my face. She said that she would love to do it. I met her at her house since she said it would be cheaper than the dungeon. She was sexy but didn’t do as much burping as I wanted her to. Most of it was conversation with a few burps in between. I ended up treating her to some taco Bell because she said she was hungry. Had to be left the drive-thru she told me about a parking lot that she knew about and we parked there and she took this rope out of her purse and tied my hands to the steering wheel. She started burping in my face while I was tied up I really wish I’d had the chance to know her better :cry:. I guess it’s a matter of contacting the right person. Some females would love to try anything at least once. Find one of those females and go for it.


Wow, that actually makes sense. I knew a few open minded people. Some of which have never judged my kink, which to be honest I don’t find that weird anymore.

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please tell me more sounds like your girl is PERFECT

U lucky MoFo

If u don’t mind… could u describe her hair color, weight and height? Just wanna get a little visual here

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my hair is brown, im 246 and 5’6 & brown skinned :kissing_heart:



An ex of mine always ate pizza with a BBQ sauce base, she didn’t like tomato. One evening, we ordered pizza and I noticed she was eating quicker than usual. She paused and did a little burp, like a ‘trapped air’ one. Jokingly, I started sniffing the air around her, sarcastically indicating that I was trying to smell it. She turned her head, looked me right in the face and released a huge belch. It went on for about 3 seconds and it stunk of the cheesy BBQ sauce in her stomach. She laughed, patted her tummy, and said, ‘That freed up some room.’

Another girl I dated was from Cameroon, and she would burp often and tell me what they tasted like. If we went out for Nandos, she’d burp and say, ‘Chicken…’, if we went out for pizza, she’d burp and say, ‘Cheesy…’. One night, after going out for Indian food (which she washed down with a glass of coke), we were cuddled up watching a movie and I could hear her stomach churning. She sat up, looked at me and let out a big, chunky, ‘BLLAAAAAAAAARRRRRRAAAAAAAAAUUUUURRRRRR’ that reeked of the lamb madras she ate earlier. I’ve never smelt such a potent belch before or since. I could smell the lamb perfectly :smile: She smiled and said, ‘Mmmm, that one was really meaty’. We had sex immediately afterwards.


I smelled a burp of a girl I was FWB with my freshman year of college. She didn’t burp in my face but I was laying under her after she got finished eating. She was eating chicken tenders and fries w Dr.Pepper to drink. I heard a loud stomach gurgle to which she then turned her head so she wouldn’t burp in my face. The smelled still lingered in the air for a bit but I didn’t care. It smelled amazing. It smelled mainly of the Dr.Pepper she drank and the tenders and fried that was still her stomach. That experience really kickstarted my burp fetish. I hope to experience another fantasy and have a girl burp in my face after stuffing her w food :relieved:


My new partner can be delightfully burpy, especially after eating. I’ve been privy to some very big burps that he has let out following a meal, and although he typically keeps his mouth closed during the process, I am always able to smell them because he breathes the air out afterwards.

They always smell of whatever he’s eaten - and I particularly like them if they’ve been produced by meat, cheese, tomatoes, onions or garlic. And, of course, the ones that happen after a glass of red wine or beer are also among my favourites.

One night we were kissing on the couch and he accidentally let a burp slip out. It tasted like the roast chicken pie that he’d eaten about twenty minutes earlier, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days afterwards because it was so delicious🤩