Burping after Drinking - what are your opinions?

What are your opinions on burping after drinking? Do you enjoy it, are you neutral about it, or do you dislike it? I personally enjoy it - both when I do it and when others do it. A few weeks ago, my crush (also female) and I were drinking wine together. She had too much and ended up feeling a bit sick because of it. I sat with her and gently rubbed her back, and shortly thereafter she started burping a lot. I encouraged it because I knew that she’d likely feel better after getting it out. I also wanted her to understand that she didn’t need to be afraid to do it around me, because I am the type of person who believes that bodily functions are perfectly natural and shouldn’t be approached with any shame.

The only thing that put me off was the fact that it didn’t smell good. Drunk burps typically don’t - they tend to have a sour and almost “vomity” smell to them, which I definitely don’t like at all. But other than that, I find them very enjoyable.

How do others around here feel about them? I’m curious.


Alcohol induced burps and drunk burps are some of my favourite types of burps!

I have found with my friends that even for the ones who do not burp much or very well usually can temporarily gain the ability to do much deeper and larger burps when drinking. Usually they tend to be more textured and wet sounding than usual. I also notice a lot more hiccups, one of my friends is a pro at hiccup burping and this talent is amplified when she has been drinking.

Also girls just seem more confident or simply unable to hold back their burps as much when they have been drinking alcohol. For the ones who usually don’t burp well this can lead to some very surprising and uncontrolled nasty burps. I love to see bigger than usual burps from those girls because I can sometimes almost see the fear on their face as they let it out as if they are even worried they might throw up and then that huge relief they show after they get through it.


I’m a huge fan of it. I love the masculinity of guys pounding back drinks, egging each other on, knowing that burps are brewing.


I don’t really drink alcohol but I drink sodas and that makes me burp.

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my best friend and I always say that sprite and Pepsi give the biggest burps :joy: