Burping technique

I’ve been trying to get better at burping. I got a great, loud sound but it’s rare that I get longer than 3 seconds.

The more gas is in there, the harder it is to draw it out without making it sound shallow.

But it’s occurred to me that the best burpers, like maryloverose, probably don’t have any more gas trapped, or at least not by much. their stomach can only be so big. They are doing something with their throat to get an amazing sound while still making it last for 6+seconds.

Anyone got advice?
Fyi - I’m not talking about how to get the air in, I’m talking about how to let it out. How hard do you push, what do you do with your throat, your tongue, what shape is your mouth, to turn a belly full of gas into a super long, deep, and loud belch

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The best way I’ve found to get a medium length, loud burp out of a bit of air is to push my head forward and strain my throat like if I stick my tongue as far out as I can. That can take a small burp and turn it into a loud 2 seconds with bass. The problem is that if I have a ton of air, it feels like I’m choking and cuts short or turns into a very shallow one

So I’m open to anything that will let me belch longer