Burping Vs. Belching

What’s the difference between these 2? Examples?

Belch as a word sounds hotter and implies more power and raw gas. The all time greatest female belchers which everyone loves to cite are so much hotter and more treasured than any ten-a-penny weak “urps” in trash videos cluttering up threads. That said, a good robust burp can approach a belch in hotness.

If you want an analogy, burps are rock and roll (implying anything from soft cowardly rock to badass and chugging HARD ROCK) and belches are metal (implying anything from melodic symphonic stuff to abrasive and ugly-sounding extreme metal). Likewise, the hardest of hard rock borders on heavy metal in terms of musicality.

And anyone who describes their softcore “urps” as belches is guilty of false advertising and should kindly leave the stage.

Don’t you love how my mind parses this shit :rofl:


Great explanation lol thx!!


Haha love this. Definitely agree that a belch is more powerful, more raw, more accomplished and intentional. A burp is smaller, more civilised, higher pitched or weaker, perhaps. To me, anyway. Technically, they’re interchangable, but really, they should be used appropriately haha


I think another thing I like about the focus of our fetish having two very common names is that it means twice the potential to uncover gold on certain search engines :sunglasses: Bet the fart fetish scene can’t claim the same thing!

I used to think that burps were something that babies did and belches was something that older folks did. But I looked it up about 10 years ago and it says that the definitions mean the exact same thing. They’re basically synonyms LOL

I’ll chime in here since this has been renewed. I have found that almost every female who says she can “belch” is a first rate belcher/burper. I feel like it’s a thing good “belchers” learn. When you can truly burp like a pro, you don’t refer to it as burping. It’s a belch. And honestly just the sound of the word is so much stronger.

That’s not to say some females are not enlightened on proper use of the word haha. But it’s rare to find a girl who says she can belch and then lets out a puny burp.


I think of a burp like a sneeze. It’s usually more accidental than intentional. A belch is an act of pride, because you will never hear the phrase “closed mouth belch”. To elevate the word burp into the level of.a belch you must use qualifiers like “burp on command”, “burp with soda”, or “loudest burp”.

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Yeh technically burp and belch mean the same thing if you go from the dictionary however in the street the connotations are different. A burp is something small, airy often done by accident no big deal. Whereas a belch is something of great magnitude emanating from the depths of your stomach with that signature deep rumbly tone often done on purpose because the person is either an utter slob, doesn’t give a sht or is trying impress there friends. The below video is great example of the contrast between and burp and belch. Often with a burp it’s immediately accompanied by an apology whereas the latter is just completely inconsiderate. Also with a belch there is a kind premeditation behind like “I’m going to rip a huge belch and I don’t give fck if you like it or not”. Just look at the title/description of the video below “I one upped her” that is typical belcher talk, taking pride in one craft and feel satisfied that you demonstrated your dominance. The Burper however will often have description like “embarrassing”, " I didn’t mean to do it" all innocent.