Burping Vtuber Kihou Kami

:bubbles: Hello! :bubbles:

Kihou Kami here! I’m a Burping Vtuber who has been working hard on bettering my burps just for you.

I have a fansly with different subscription levels with weekly uploads. I posted a free preview video there too!

$5 a month (limited time promo) gives you:
:bubbles: access to all uploads on my profile and 1 - 2 new uploads weekly.

$20 a month gives you:
:bubbles: Access to all uploads
:bubbles: Access to the Discord Server with a new burp every day as well as voting for video ideas
:bubbles: 1 short personalized burp clip (30 seconds or less) every month

$50 a month gives you:
:bubbles: All content from previous tiers (including Uploads, Discord, and 1 short personalized clip)
:bubbles: 1 personalized 1 - 5 minute video a month

I plan on uploading some burp talking in the near future as well as more content in general. I also plan to use any money earned to upgrade my avatar and my video’s overall.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my burps! :heart:


Pretty greattt burps so far, went ahead and subscribed, looking forward to more!

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Question, do the personalized videos come with the subscription or do we have to pay extra on top of the subscription to be able to do that?
This is definitely something I’m interested in, looking forward to seeing how things go in the future


The $20 and $50 tiers offer a personalized video every month with your subscription, as well as the other benefits :slight_smile:

The $20 tier includes a short clip about 30 seconds every month, so I can burp a name, phrase or something along those lines. The $50 is a 1-5 min personalized video every month.

Also just to be completely clear, the videos will be with me using the Vtuber model.

:bubbles: Thanks for your question! :bubbles:


Welcome! Haven’t heard of you before. Do you stream anywhere? Searched your name but didn’t find anything.

Also just wondering do you use the gulping or inhaling technique for your burps?


Hey there!

I’m brand new, but I hope to make a name for myself in the community! I might start streaming on Fansly or possibly Discord at some point in the near future if there is enough interest in it.

Also, I use the inhaling technique for my burps.

Appreciate the welcome and questions! :bubbles:


Great to hear! One last question, do you record the inhaling as well in your videos? Don’t think I heard it in the sample video you have.


In the sample video I was moving away from the mic when I was inhaling, but that’s something I can do if people are into it!

Thanks for the suggestion! :bubbles:


Yea most people are into that! Thanks for letting me know


A burping Vtuber is an interesting concept. I’m definitely gonna keep an eye out for ya, since I actually really like the idea! Best of luck, and hopefully you enjoy your time in the community!~


Thanks so much, I’m happy to be here, everyone has been very welcoming so far! Hope to see you around! :bubbles:


For the $50 tier 1-5 min custom, do we get to choose how long we want it or what determines how long the video is?


It mostly depends on how long you want, as well as how much can be done with the prompt provided. If you specify you want the full 5 minutes, I’ll make sure to fill that time fully. However, if no time is specified I’ll make it as long as I can with the given custom request.

I hope this helps clarify a bit more! :bubbles:


Just wanted to stop in after receiving my first short clip and say that Kihou is a joy to work with and FANTASTIC at burping, a lot of range and different types of burps she is capable of. She communicated with me to make sure of what I wanted, and I feel my money has been very well spent. Looking forward to more!

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I must say the whole Vtubing and burping is a nice mix
I for one am a fan of it
And Kami here has talent she knows she can show to others
She may be starting off and brand new to this but it feels as if she’s done this before which to me is impressive she has a nice vibe and easy to talk with
I hope she gets the recognition she gets since not many vtubers openly burp and sell content like Kami here does
So no need to clip her burps and put it into a comp
Pay the fine and hear the burps and many more to come
Kami :on::top::speaking_head::fire:


Congrats on your debut! You have a really cute voice and great burps. 0:45-0:52 of your sample video was peak. Really liking the model too. Looking forward to watching you grow!


:bubbles: Thank you so much! I’m glad it was pleasing to you :wink:

Looking forward to doing more roleplay burping content in future weekly uploads. I have a good handful of ideas in the works, and the Discord members from the Big Bubbles Subscription Tier and up currently get to vote on which ones get made first. However, I plan on doing as many of them as possible, plus some of the ideas the members provide as well.

I hope to see you around! :bubbles:


Ooh, how exciting! I’m sure your ideas are going to be great :slight_smile:


:bubbles: Speaking of ideas and weekly uploads, the newest one has just been posted and is available for all subscription levels! :bubbles:

This video is themed around the origins of being a kind burping goddess as voted by the current members of the Discord community who are apart of the :bubbles: Big Bubbles :bubbles: and up subscription tiers.

Hope to see everyone there! :bubbles:

Here is the link to the new video!

Custom Clips are now available!
:heart: Send a Tip on Fansly with your request in the message
:heart: $10 per minute for just burps
:heart: $15 per minute for specialized requests

Also there is another new weekly clip, this time with just burps! Get access to it as well as all other weekly uploads for just $5 (limited time promo)


Just put up a new weekly upload this time it’s a Burping ASMR video :bubbles:

:exclamation: Warning, it gets a bit loud :exclamation:

See you again soon :bubbles: :bubbles: