Burps in public 🙃

Hey there-

BURP. Fuck I love burps so much. Anyway, what do you do when you hear burping in the wild? Especially when it is the kind that turns you on?

I love the loud, deep, long ones. When I’m out and hear someone’s loud, deep burp, it’s hard to ignore. Sometimes I get aroused (I’m a girl).

Tell me about your experiences about hearing big burps in public.

URP. Excuse me.

( if it’s a female) I usually say good one… or either rate it from 1-10. If she replies with something like " Oh that was nothing" … it usually sparks up a conversation. But I won’t say what I really want to because in a situation like that, the female’s a total stranger…and might find it weird

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Yeah, I do something similar. I don’t want to come across as weird. It drives me crazy sometimes though and as soon as I get to someplace private I touch myself while replaying the burp in my head.

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Yes, u get it. I used to be a server at Denny’s, and worked the graveyard shift. I could think of at least five different females that let it rip right in the restaurant. One particular female let out about four or five big ones. I used to go to the bathroom 1st chance I got


:joy:I get so turned on when I hear someone burping I will wait when I’m in private so that i can jerk

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