Coke & Mentos Bloat Tutorial?

I remember there was a topic for this in the older version of the forums, but then the old forums got axed & that tutorial is pretty much gone. Or if there is a tutorial, I have managed to find it in the search bar.

If there IS a tutorial here on the forums, can somebody just simply post the link to it?

If there isn’t, it might be a good idea to make a new for anybody wanting to try it out, but also might be worried about any risks that may come with attempting it.

I’ve pretty much forgotten everything on how to do a Mentos & Coke bloat, so I’m not the person for that job lol. Hopefully somebody has better experience & can lay out some tips as well, like “How much Mentos to swallow?”, or “How quickly to drink the soda?”, or “Is it better to have an empty stomach or eat before attempting the bloat?”, etc.

Honestly, all I remember is to swallow a Mentos whole, but don’t leave it in your mouth for too long or it’ll lose the little air bubbles; and use diet drinks or zero sugar drinks.

In my experience, the “little air bubbles” (actually the tiny bumps on the Candy’s surface) vanish immediately upon ingestion due to the stomach’s acidic content. There is no time to have them react with Coke, unless you just take both at once and have the Coke explode in your mouth.


I’ve always wondered if the science really adds up for this idea. I have the same thought that the special surface properties of the mentos cannot survive too long. Not ruling out that it’s not possible to have an effect tho