Did anyone save Dud_hoy’s Twitch videos?

This is the first time I’ve seen a tall, sexy, muscular Korean man to burp very loud and deep. Dud_hoy is an incredible burper😍. I remembered, he burped many times in his Twitch videos using the inalation method so it was super easy to find his burps. He is no longer active on Twitch and has overridden all his videos except the clips but they do not contain burps.

Unfortunately, I could not save his Twitch videos because I had a bad internet connection at that time.
Here is his Twitch account: Twitch

He now has an active Instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/dud_hoy/) but there are no burps.

Will anyone save their Twitch videos by chance or make a compilation of their burps??? :sob:

Please gently with burps comments on her Instagram account. Thank you

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